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01 October 2014

Discover The Burstner Sovereign Collection - Freedom Rules!

Burstner offer the models Nexxo, Ixeo time and Viseo with each three floor plans

In the new “Sovereign” model, new for the 2015 season, you will experience the combination of premium quality and enjoyment at an attractive price. Enjoy what it feels like to have an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.

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  Burstner Sovereign Collection Graphic


Burstner Nexxo "Sovereign"

Sometimes you reach a point when you just have to turn your attention to something special, when you feel compelled to set out on a journey of discovery and interrupt the rhythm of everyday life.

Its excellent driving performance will turn every kilometre of road into a majestic experience. Now is the best time to do just that: with the new Nexxo “Sovereign”.

Burstner Ixeo Time "Sovereign"

With its compact dimensions, the Ixeo time “Sovereign” proves that sovereignty has nothing to do with size. Above all, it impresses with its combination of a clear exterior design, upscale interior furnishings with lots of leather and plenty of functional ideas.

Just one example is the easy-to-use, childproof fold-down bed above the seating area. The ceiling electrically lowers down (to the level of the seats in the it 586) to reveal two full-size berths - with easy access guaranteed.

Burstner Viseo "Sovereign"

Now is the best time to make your dreams for more comfort and independence come true - at an especially attractive price. The integrated model offers a unique sense of spaciousness in the large living area thanks to the seamless transition between the cab and the interior.

You will enjoy the panoramic experience and the prospect of an unforgettable holiday as the landscape passes by through the large front and side windows. Its straight lines and clear design emphasise its modern image.

Special Features of the Sovereign Collection Include:


Burstner Sovereign Collection Vehicle Images



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Click here to see our current Burstner 'Sovereign' Stock

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