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New Ecovip A-Class: The Touch of Innovation

Laika is launching a new A-Class model range - the Laika Ecovip

Laika is launching a new A-Class model range; the Laika Ecovip. A model steeped in one of the main concepts of the Laika philosophy; Innovation.

The new Laika A-Class is a top-level range, developed for demanding customers. The philosophy that inspired the creation of this range is based on a combination of two factors; extremely advanced construction techniques, well designed for winter use and secondly, high-end Italian design.


Laika Ecovip A-Class Living Area

Laika Ecovip A-Class En Suite Bathroom

Laika Ecovip A-Class Bedrrom

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The new A-Class is not a repositioning on Laika positioning in the motorhome market, rather the new A-Class reconfirms Laika's place in the luxury A-Class segment.

The new Laika Ecovip A-Class shows an exclusive design, both outside, with a 'modern looking' front with car-like front lights, and also inside thanks to it's Italian style interior decoration. The allows the range to establish a strong personality. The Ecovip A-Class also features interesting points of strength, functional solutions to top level on-board comfort, quality materials, storage areas and many layouts.

The new range comes with 9 internal layouts varying in lengths, one from just under six meters, five layouts between six and seven meters and three at seven and a half meters. All the vehicles are built on the Fiat Ducato chassis with a widened track.

The Excellence of the New Ecovip A-Class

Exterior Design

The new Ecovip A-Class can be recognised from a distance for its distinguishing luxury features. The front and rear lights are developed from the car industry and the front has exterior mirrors in a black finish that give the impression of a dynamic vehicle. The sinuosity of the external graphics backdrop to the large panoramic windscreen that allows a safe and comprehensive view of the road.

Very High Comfort

The interior of this new range is all geared to comfort. The living area is practical and functional thanks to a single level floor without steps. The sofas of the living area with high ergonomic comfort padding and Laika original upholstery with anti-stain finish. The kitchen has easy-close drawers and the double sink in the 'L' kitchen with greater depth, chrome finishes and sink covers that also serve as shelves.

The front drop down bed and the rear fixed bed feature the 'Ergonomic' mattress with machine washable removable covers, twin independent adjustable reading lights and USB socket.

The lighting system, LED based, is co-ordinated and joined up, complementing the interior design to the full. The lighting system is fully dimmable with separate switches and illuminates both above and below the cabinets and above the cabin door and under the kitchen floor, creating the right atmosphere for every occasion.

The insulation is unbeatable in the new Ecovip A-Class thanks to the use of high-density Styrofoam, the assembly of the Alde heating or the Truma Combi C6, the presence of the double technical insulating and heating floor made, as is the roof, of high quality glass fibre.

The new Ecovip A-Class has a number of clever and practical solutions to make life on board really comfortable. The gas cylinder storage locker is positioned a lower position to make the changing of cylinders as easy as possible. The valve for emptying the waste water tank has been located in the technical double floor and is accessible from the living area while the fresh water tank, located in the double floor and is easily accessible from the garage. To increase the acoustic comfort during the trip, Laika has cordoned off the area of the engine from the cabin increasing the level of the noise in the vehicle.

Valuable Materials

Laika carefully tests all materials to offers its customers reliable and original vehicles. Even in the new Ecovip A-Class the choice of the high-tech lighting fittings, the wash-basin mixer, the metal cupboard door handles all add to the robustness of the vehicle.

Many Storage Areas

Going on holiday in the new Ecovip A-Class is made easier by the ample storage; the maxi-cabinets of the living era are in an elegant, scratch-resistant laminate, the shoe compartment is practical and the underfloor storage hatches could be used for storing drinks or cleaning materials. For those with big families or for those who don't travel light, Laika has created easy to access maxi-sized wardrobes, and fitted plenty of storage compartments in the bedroom and the bathroom. Lovers of winter sports, surfing and canoeing will find the new Ecovip A-Class well suited with the large garage with its strong anti-slip floor and maxi-sized door to facilitate easy loading and unloading of equipment.

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