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Concorde Himmelfahrt Event 2017

Join Other Concorde Owners on the bi-annual trip from to the German factory

March 2017
Concorde Himmelfahrt Party

This May sees a wonderful event in the Concorde calendar, the bi-annual 'Himmelfahrtstreffen' customer event at the factory in Franconia.

Wednesday 24th - Sunday 28th May 2017, Schlusselfeld, Franconia, Germany

Ever other year a hundreds of European motorhomes including a dozen or so British motorhomes made the trip across the channel to enjoy the festivities. The three day event is held during the Ascension Day weekend, a popular German holiday. Over two hundred and fifty motorhomes from all over Europe converged on the factory, including customers from as far a field as Norway, Spain and the North of England.

Concorde put on a variety of events over the three days including a carriage ride through the local Steigerwald forest, a days cycling through the Franconia countryside, a trip to the local town of Schlusselfeld, their local dancing champions, and a fabulous firework display on Saturday evening.

One of the most popular regular events, particular amongst the British visitors, is a beer tasting trip to the local medieval town of Bamberg. Bamberg sees itself as a rival to Munich as the home of brewing and has a large number of traditional breweries including one that produces a very unusual smoked beer.

If you are interested in attending this years event, please drop us a line. We'd be pleased for you to join us.

Wednesday 24th - Sunday 28th May 2017, Schlusselfeld, Franconia, Germany


Pictures From Concorde Customer Event 2015



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