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Concorde Birdview All-Round Virtual Motorhome Camera

New Virtual Camera System that Offers All Round Defence

November 2016
Concorde Birdview All-Round Camera

With Concorde - BirdView you can see more - especially in confusing situations.

A network of four small real-time cameras allows you to enjoy the perfect all-round view. For example when parking. Thanks to the photorealistic view from the bird's eye view, you can even see the road markings and hidden obstacles - even in a confined space. An innovation that allows you to look ahead in all directions.

In contrast to conventional rear-view video systems, which work with a camera and limited viewing angle, Birdview offers you the complete all-round view at a glance.

Concorde Birdview All-Round Camera System Monitor

With Concorde - Birdview, you can see in your vehicle front, right, left and behind - all at a glance.

When the reverse is engaged, the display automatically switches to the reversing camera. When setting the turn signal, the respective side camera is connected. Dead angles are past for you. By means of neutral attachments, the extension and retrofitting is possible on almost every vehicle. This gives you a quick overview and ensures a decisive plus of security.

Concorde Birdview All-Round Camera Technology

In order for the Birdview 100% to ensure a perfect all-round visibility, it should be calibrated from time to time by professionals. During calibration, the cameras are matched to each other in order to avoid blind spots on the vehicle.

Concorde Birdview All-Round Camera
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