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Laika Supports Honda at Dakar Race 2017

Laika Renew Association With Honda For 12 Stage South American Rally Raid

December 2016
Laika Supports Honda at Dakar Race 2017

Laika Caravans Spa and the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) team renew their collaboration for Dakar 2017. Even this year, Laika and Honda will be racing together at the legendary 12-stage rally raid in South America, which will take place from 2 to 14 January, and will cross 3 South American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, and, for the very first time, Paraguay. The race will start from Paraguay’s capital, Asunción, and it will head North to the capital of Bolivia, La Paz. Then, the caravan will head South, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the trophy presentation ceremony will take place.

Two Laika vehicles will support the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) drivers: the Ecovip 612 motorhome and the Ecovip 412 low-profile, both on a Fiat Ducato chassis. Both vehicles boast Laika’s technical excellence, which is required for such a demanding route. Their super thermal insulation is perfect for both the extremely high temperatures of the desert (over 40°C), and low temperatures that drop well below zero in the Bolivian Plateau (almost 5,000 metres above sea level), where 6 stages will take place. The sturdy structure of Laika vehicles and their innovative construction techniques ensure stability and hold even on the steepest terrains and most dangerous passages.

Laika Supports Honda at Dakar Race 2017 Besides resistance and reliability, Ecovip vehicles ensure the utmost comfort for drivers, who can rest on beds with wooden slats and ergonomic biolatex mattresses. Moreover, the large living areas with multipurpose table and extendable sofas can turn into a practical itinerant office, in which drivers can study the route and prepare the following stage.

The Dakar is the legendary rally raid founded in 1979 by Thierry Sabine. In 2009, it moved to South America, but the difficulties of the route and the magic of this event have remained unchanged.

Laika Supports Honda at Dakar Race 2017

The Laiks Ecovip 612 and 412 will be true “oasis in the desert” for champions Joan Barreda, Paulo Gonçalves, Kevin Benavides, Michael Metge, and Ricky Brabec, who will rely on Laika’s excellence for the entire race.

Follow our Ecovip 612 and 412 during all 2017 Dakar stages in South America from 2 to 15 January on Laika’s facebook page and on Instagram #laikadakar.

Laika Ecovip Low-Profile Motorhomes
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