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Sara Bennett

Service Administration

Sara hails from Muscatine, Iowa in the USA but has lived in the UK on and off since 1999. She joined Southdowns’ sales department in August 2016.

Q Tell us about your career prior to joining Southdowns
A I've done a wide range of customer-service focused roles, which I really enjoy. I've worked in lots of different industries. Starting in a small town grocery store to working as a team leader managing fleet cars for a wide range of companies but customers are still just people, with the same issues and requirements, whichever sector you work in.

Q What made you want to work for Southdowns?
A My most recent role was working in promotional merchandising but there was no clear career path for me. I have project management experience so I felt my skills were being wasted. I researched Southdowns before making an application and liked the family-oriented feel of the business. My Grandfather owned a Winnebago when I was a child, so working with motorhomes held an appeal for me too!

Q What does your job involve day-to-day?
A On a day-to-day basis I liaise with the motorhome manufacturers, making sure customers’ orders are fulfilled successfully. I work closely with Tinel (Southdowns facilities manager) on logistics, so we decide between us where to put the vans as they are delivered making sure we always have space for a wide range of motorhomes. I have also taken on responsibility for Southdowns’ social media presence, broadening out our coverage across different platforms and creating a community among customers and potential customers. My key aim is to build our brand presence and create a good online environment to develop awareness of the company and what have to offer.

Q What are your initial impressions of the company?
A I originally applied for Mandi Bottle’s job as Receptionist/Sales Administrator but at my interview I was offered a broader role – and one that I’m being given the flexibility to develop myself, which is great. Everyone here is really helpful and there’s a good company spirit. So far I’m really enjoying being able to work with all the different departments. I don’t like working in a silo so it suits me really well.

Q Do you have a personal interest in motorhomes?
A I've never been a big camping person but I do have happy memories of that Winnebago. I've been trying to persuade my husband to borrow a motorhome but he’s nervous because they’re so expensive! I think we’d have to go away with my sister and let my brother-in-law drive it instead!

Q If you could take a motorhome anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A I’d love to go to Italy. I've been to Dublin and Jamaica since leaving the USA but seeing more of Europe is top of my list.

Sara lives in Portsmouth with her husband Gareth who was born and brought up in Portsmouth. Sara grew up in rural Iowa and the first vehicle she drove was a tractor.

Sara Bennett, Sales Administrator

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