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Shaun Jakeway, Southdowns Onlime Marketing Assistant

Shaun Jakeway

Online Marketing, E-Commerce and Technical Support

Bringing his marketing and computer skills to a new role at Southdowns, Shaun explains what his job involves

Q How did you find yourself working for Southdowns?
A I have a background in sales and computer software development and was looking for a job that would bring those two areas together. Southdowns has developed an online sales operation in the last couple of years, which is growing fast and the company was looking for someone to take responsibility for dealing with orders and ensuring the site is constantly updated. A friend had worked for the company briefly and said good things about it so I applied for the job and have been here for nearly two months.

Q What does your job involve?
A I work closely with the retail shop staff, fulfilling orders as they come in, dealing with the stock database, and updating the site. I also do design work on the site and deal with all the images we use.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company
A I had been for a lot of interviews before I came to Southdowns, which was frustrating so I am pleased to finally be doing a job that I was keen to get. I’ve had plenty of sales experience and have a good understanding of marketing. I’ve got lots of ideas so I am interested to see if I can generate sales by putting some of those into action. There is a lot to learn and I’m still working out a strategy but so far I’m enjoying the opportunity to potentially contribute something to Southdowns’ business.

Q Did the fact that Southdowns is a motorhome dealer have any influence on your decision to apply for a job?
A Not really. I can see the appeal of motorhomes but I don’t have a personal interest in them like some of the other people I work with. My interest is in building up online sales rather than in the product itself.

Q What do you do when you’re not working
A I play a lot of Street Fighter III - a computer game from the 1990s, which is a bit of a classic now and I listen to a lot of music. That has got me into hospital radio and I do a Sunday Night request show at QA Hospital.

Shaun lives in Porchester and is rumoured to be a yo-yo champion. In a former life he sold yo-yos for toy company Character. If you ask him nicely, he might give you a demonstration…