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Cramer CBCG and CBGO Ovens

Servicing for your motorhome oven and grill

Cramer ovens are fitted to most Concorde motorhomes. The CBCG model has a grill and the CBGO model is without grill.


Technicians Check List:

Annual Maintenance & Operational Check

  • Check operation and all functions in accordance with the appliance's operating instructions
  • Inspection of gas density
  • Inspection of burner safety & flame stability
  • Inspection of fresh air supply
  • Inspection of safety & control fittings (burner taps)
  • During every service the cooker box should be examined in correlation with the appliance and should be checked against the relevant regulations.
  • If the flame openings of the burner heads become dirty or blocked they must be cleaned
  • The thermo-couple must not be dirty and the correct distance between the burner head & the thermo element must be maintained (ca 2-4mm)

Gas Safety Inspection

  • The appliance will be included in a Gas Safety Inspection

Time Required:

  • Annual Maintenance & Operational Check: Approximately 45 minutes

Parts Required:

  • Replacement parts subject to the results of the inspection

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For further details, please Contact Us to discuss the work you require.