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Southdowns Motorhome Awards

Motorhome Awards Related News & Stories from Southdowns and The Brands We Represent

  • Carthago Dominates Premium Class at German Awards
  • Burstner Lyseo Wins European Innovation Awards
  • Malibu 540 Van Wins European Innovation Awards
  • Knaus Boxlife 600 Wins Motorhome of the Year
  • Knaus Boxlife 600 Wins High-Top Motorhome of the Year
  • Knaus Sun I 900 LEG Wins Motorhome Design Award
  • Knaus Sky I 700 LEG Wins Best Luxury Motorhome Award
  • Southdowns Gold Award for New Motorhome Sales
  • Concorde Top For Customer Satisfaction
  • Southdowns Silver Award for Used Motorhome Sales
  • Bailey Approach Autograph 765 Best Family Motorhome
  • Laika Kreos 3008 Best Fixed Double Bed Motorhome
  • Burstner Viseo i700 Best Non-Fixed Bed Motorhome
  • IH N-Class 630SL Best High-Top Van Conversion
  • Concorde Top For Customer Satisfaction
  • Grand Panorama Best Luxury Motorhome Over £100,000
  • Burstner Grand Panorama i920G MMM Best Luxury Bed Motorhome Award
  • Bailey Approach SE 625 MMM Best Non-Fixed Bed Motorhome Award
  • Burstner Ixeo Time it745 MMM Best Family Motorhome Award
  • Burstner Brevio MMM's Best Compact Motorhome Award
  • Burstner Brevio Best Compact Motorhome 2013
  • Knaus Sky I Wins Best A-Class Award
  • Bailey Wins Customer Satisfaction Award
  • Bailey Approach SE 745 Wins caravan Club Design & Drive Award
  • Knaus Sky TI 650 MF Wins Motorhome of The Year Award
  • Laika Kreos 7009 Luxury Coachbuilt of The Year Award
  • Southdowns Offer Both Fixed Bed Coachbuilt Awards Winners
  • Motorhome of the Year 2011 Burstner Ixeo
  • Which Motorhome Awards 2010
  • Tab 320 Wins Lightweight Trailer Award
  • Laika Win Promobil Awards
  • Ford Transit - Base Unit of the Year
  • Burstner - MMM Overcab of the Year
  • Caravan Club's Design & Drive Awards
  • Concorde is Top of the TV Tables
  • T@B Caravans World Speed Record!
  • Burstner Nexxo MMM Motorcaravan of Year
  • Laika Rexosline Wins MMM A-Class Award
  • Promobile Motorhome of the Year: Concorde