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2010 Concorde Motorhomes

Evolution of established models and and a great new entry level model range

Concorde Credo Emotion MotorhomeConcorde Credo Emotion - The commitment starts here

The Credo Emotion is the latest model in the Concorde family and is an example of how we build motor homes at Concorde. We have made every effort to create a motor home in the 3.5 ton class without in any way compromising our proverbial Concorde quality. We only cut down on one thing with the Credo Emotion - the price..

Concorde Credo Passion MotorhomeConcorde Credo Passion - Passion integrates.

If you call a model “Passion” you need to mean it. The chassis of the Credo Passion has been modified to raise the driver’s position and move it closer to the front. This provides a better view of traffic and in addition makes it possible to perfectly integrate the two cockpit seats into the large living area..

Concorde Credo Action Motorhome Concorde Credo Action - In the best tradition.

The Credo Action is the motor home for active travellers. At the same time no other model in the Concorde family better represents our company’s tradition. We started to build alcove models with a double fl oor construction on an Iveco chassis more than 15 years ago. Every detail of this motor home is based on the knowledge we have gained over those years..

Concorde Carver MotorhomeThe Concorde Carver - the enchanting premium class.

Designed to fulfil your every wish. Because you know what you want. Carver: this series lays down a marker when you enter the luxury class of motor home. Trendsetting: an innovative leader. An integrated motor home, built on the strong and well-tried Iveco Turbo Daily chassis, designed for the needs of luxury class motor home drivers who are used to comfort and functionality. Equipped with a continuous double fl oor, the “Concorde One Level Concept”, powerful Alde hot water heating, and unique Concorde Solidtherm wall construction, the Carver sets new standards in its class, not only in the areas of loading capacity and storage space, but also as regards winter-suitability, long operational life and functionality. The choice is yours!

Concorde Charisma MotorhomeThe Concorde Charisma - Enchantment has a name.

Trendsetters in the luxury motor homes class for more than a decade.

Ten years ago the Concorde Charisma appeared for the first time as an integrated motor home on the stage of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Over the last ten years, the Charisma has won greater favour from luxury class motor home buyers than any other model.

The Charisma’s characteristic specifications are still the same as they ever were: superior technology combined with innovative design and perfect craftsmanship. It isn’t for nothing that today’s Charisma is a top seller in the
luxury motor homes class.

Concorde Cruiser MotorhomeConcorde Cruiser - The first class coachbuilt model.

The Cruiser’s task is very simple: Only the best!

Concorde motor homes characterize the luxury class of European motor home manufacture. This applies to the Liner and Charisma in the integrated motor home class, and to the Cruiser in the coachbuilt vehicle class. They come from an exceptionally good family. After all, Concorde was one of the fi rst manufacturers to make coachbuilt vehicles with double fl oors more than 15 years agoThe Fiat low frame chassis with wide track specification is to be used. The new layout will be combined with the AL-KO chassis. This is the Ixeo it 726 G with a rear garage and single beds in the rear which are arranged longitudinal. It has also got a washroom and a kitchen in the centre of the vehicle as well as a spacious L-shaped seating arrangement in the front.

Concorde D-Liner MotorhomeExperience enchantment - the new Concorde D-Liner.

Passion and temptation - these two terms are nearly inseparable. Concorde is passionate about building motor homes. All this enthusiasm has gone into the new Concorde D-Liner, the first Concorde Liner built on an Iveco Turbo Daily chassis.

The reason why we would like to seduce you with the new D-Liner is quite simple. This motor home answers two requirements often stated by our customers. Living comfort and load capacities in a Liner class motor home which you can drive using the old German class 3 driving license for vehicles up to 7.5 t. The choice is yours!.

Concorde Liner MotorhomeThe Concorde Liner - Can we offer you something more?

Want to know what motor homes can do? Just come and see!

What we have already said about the Concorde Charisma also applies to the Concorde Liner. It is extremely successful in its segment. More examples of the Concorde Liner have been made than any other vehicle in the royal class of 7.5 ton-plus integrated motor homes.

Why does the Liner generate so much enthusiasm? Just carry on clicking...


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