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Truma Frostair Saphir / 2300 / 1700 Motorhome Air-Conditioning

The Truma 2300 Frost-Air is the most common air-conditioning unit factory fitted to many larger motorhomes


  • Annual servicing or as requested by the customer.

Technicians Check List:

  • Check incoming power supply: Min 950 W/230 V/4.1 A
  • Check operation of unit
  • Check operation of remote control units; sender, receiver, mounting
  • Replace fluff filter
  • Replace particle filter
  • Check & clean drain hose
  • Check & clean optional noise reduction compartment
  • Check & report on roof condition
  • Check appliance fuse confirm to Truma specification 230 V, 3,15 A (slow-acting, IEC 127)
  • Check emergency on & off function
  • Check for manual in customer book pack
  • Complete customer report

Time Required:

  • Approximately 45 minutes

Parts Required:

Truma Saphir Air-Con Unit

  • Fluff (flow) Filter 40090-58200
  • Particle Filter 40090-58100
  • Other parts subject to inspection

Truma Frostair 2300 Air-Con Unit

  • Fluff (flow) Filter 40040-27200
  • Particle Filter 40040-27000
  • Other parts subject to inspection

Truma Frostair 1700 Air-Con Unit

  • Fluff (flow) Filter 40040-13800
  • Particle Filter 40040-27000
  • Other parts subject to inspection

Optional Parts Required:

  • Fuse: 230 V,3,15 A (slow-acting, IEC 127)
  • Battery: LR 3, AM4, AAA, MN 2400 (1.5 V)

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