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Pre MOT Inspection

Pre MOT Check Overs for your Motorhome

Imagine you book your vehicle in for an MOT; you spend ages finding a testing station that can cope with the size of your motorhome, you wait three weeks until they have a slot, you take the day off work, you drive 30 miles to get there, you pay you fifty odd pounds, wait an hour and they tell you you've failed because of one tyre, and too much movement in a CV joint!

How much fun is the 30 mile drive home going to be!

Especially as you know you are going to have to do it again in another three weeks when you go back. In the meantime you better get on the phone and tell the family next weeks' trip to the New Forest is cancelled!

Let our Pre MOT Inspection put things right before you have your MOT. If we find any faults we will give you a quote to put them right.

To discus this service, for latest prices or to make a booking for your vehicle, please call our Service Reception on 02392 674825 or Contact Us by email.

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For further details or to book your inspection please Contact Us by phone or email.

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