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2014 Carthago Motorhomes

Overview of the 2014 season range of Carthago Motorhomes

For more than 30 years, the name Carthago has stood for competence and top quality in motor home construction.

Southdowns Motorhome Centre are very pleased to offer this outstanding range of motorhomes for sale. Browse through the extensive range below, we are sure you will find a model that suits. We will be please to offer you the opportunity to come and see, examine and drive, these outstanding motorhomes.


2014 Carthago C-Compactline i MotothomesCarthago C-Compact I

Carthago “efficiency” lightweight construction and loading concept: ultra-low weight with high load capacity

It is as fit as a top competitive athlete: with the new C-Compactline I, the premium brand Carthago has extended their product range of integrated motorhomes. The new C-Compactline I is characterized by its great handling thanks to its width of only 2.12 m. With about 2,800 kg, the weight of the C-Compactline I is nudging the low weight record at the same time. The new Carthago belongs to the C-Tourer family which is why it also has all genes of the Liner premium class. With this combination, Carthago C-Compactline I continues with a new standard in the 3.0 ton weight class of integrated motorhomes. .


2014 Carthago C-Tourer I MotothomesCarthago C-Tourer I

Carthago C-Tourer I ~ The Better Low Price Motorhome


Carthago C-Tourer TCarthago C-Tourer T

Carthago C-Tourer T/T-Plus ~ The Compact Low-Profile


Carthago Chic C-Line I MotorhomesCarthago Chic C-Line I

Carthago Chic C-Line I ~ Comfort World Champion


Carthago Chic C-Line T MotorhomesCarthago Chic C-Line T

Carthago Chic C-Line T/T-Plus ~ The Compact Semi-Integrated


Carthago Chic E-Line MotorhomesCarthago Chic E-Line I

Carthago Chic E-Line ~ Self Sufficiency World Champion


Carthago Chic S-Plus MotorhomesCarthago Chic S-Plus I

Carthago Chic S-Plus ~ Self Sufficiency World Champion


Carthago Chic Highliner MotorhomesCarthago Chic Highliner I

Carthago Chic Highliner ~ Additional Load World Champion


Carthago Liner De Luxe Iveco MotorhomesCarthago Liner De Luxe Iveco

Carthago Liner De Luxe Daily ~ The Best Liner Ever

Are you looking for a partner you can rely on every day? Then the Iveco Daily 65/70 with a total permitted weight of 6.5/7.0 tons is ideal as the basis for your liner de luxe. The undercarriage impresses with its high extra load reserve combined with a perfect weight balance. If you want to enjoy ultimative mobility while staying within the 7.5-t weight class, the liner on the Iveco Daily is even available as a 7.49-t vehicle with a car garage for the Smart for two or the four-seater Fiat 500.

To give you that typical liner feeling, the entire driver's cabin module is moved up and forward. But that's not all. A completely insulated driver's cabin pedestal ensures the entire driver's cabin area is insulated without any cold bridges. The driver's cabin floor itself consists of the original sandwich floor panel, while the front wall between the driver's cabin and the engine compartment consists of doubleshell, fully insulated GRP.


• Perfect sitting position, liner driving feeling
• Best test result in comparisons: best front visibility with steeply sloped dashboard and low-set bus windscreen: from the driver seat, you can see the road surface from less than 3 m ahead - the best value in the promobil-Test “Liner Spezial”, 06/2012 issue!
• Full insulation without cold bridges
• Insulated driver's cabin floor, additionally with underfloor heating
• More legroom
• Sound insulation to engine compartment
• Weight saving on front axle
• Separate dashboard with leather trim
• SKA luxury seats positioned further apart
• Cool box for cold drinks during travel integrated in the dashboard (centre console)


Carthago Liner De Luxe MAN MotorhomesCarthago Liner De Luxe MAN

Carthago Liner De Luxe MAN ~ The Best Liner Ever

Is there anything beyond liner luxury? Yes there is: the Carthago liner de luxe on a MAN undercarriage. With the air-suspension rear axle (optional) you'll feel like the king of the road. Perfectly smooth travel, maximum comfort and always sufficient power in reserve, even at low engine revs. The Carthago liner on the MAN undercarriage is the world champion of all classes.

Are you looking for maximum mobility on holiday? Then the MAN liner de luxe is also ideal for you. Simply load a Smart for two into the rear garage of the 10 or 12-ton liner, or even take along a four-seater Fiat 500. You can experience all this without losing any standing height inside: Thanks to their ingenious roof shape, the liners with car garage also have sufficient standing height in the bedroom. You don't have to make any compromises.

Also in the MAN liner, the driver's cabin is raised to provide perfect visibility to the front during driving. Pure liner enjoyment. The entire driver's cabin pedestal is thoroughly insulated against cold and driving noise. And here again, the driver's cabin floor is systematically heated by underfloor heating.
More width is also available: if you're fascinated by size, choose the liner on a MAN undercarriage with an external width of 2.50 metres instead of the tandard 2.35 metres.

Even from outside, the MAN liner radiates power. And it keeps that promise, wherever you drive it. The powerful engine ensures the liner de luxe glides along effortlessly however much you pack into it. The liner de luxe on the MAN undercarriage - a true king of the road!


• 2 vehicle widths to choose from: 2.35 m / 2.50 m
• Different weight classes available: 7.49 t, 10 t, 12 t
• 2 powerful engines available, each with semiautomatic transmissions
• Raised driver's cabin pedestal: better sitting position, better visibility, liner feeling
• Extreme load capacity due to gross vehicle weight of MAN of up to 12 t
• Separate dashboard with leather trim
• SKA comfort seats (with air suspension) positioned further apart, creating wider aisle into the driver's cabin and more sitting comfort in the lounge seating group
• Best front visibility with steeply sloped dashboard, raised sitting position and low-set bus windscreen


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