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2018 Carthago A-Class Motorhomes

A-Class Motorhome: Carthago Core Competence

2018 Carthago A-Class Motorhomes Models & Layouts

Individual design, best view over the landscape and an exceptional feeling of space. After arriving at your destination, a generous living area is created by simply turning the front seats. The comfortable fold-down bed above the front seats welcomes you in the night-time that gives you a relaxing nights sleep due to its impressive sleeping area. Step up to the world of the integrated premium motorhomes!

A Carthago motorhome is also prepared for emergency cases: All integrated motorhomes on a Fiat Ducato are serially equipped with a safety package with drivers and passenger airbag as well as the ESP electronic stability program. Thus, there are many reasons why in the mean time every 6th integrated premium motorhome that is registered new in the price category from €80,000 in Europe is a Carthago.

Your added value

+ Innovative and elegant exterior design with its own personality
+ Large panorama windscreen with extra-large field of vision
+ Front of the vehicle with extra-flat angle: reduces air resistance and fuel consumption
+ Rear-view mirror system "best view" for a perfect field of vision to the rear
+ Drivers cabin door with low access and safety double lock
+ Insulating pleated windscreen blind with multifunction
+ Ergonomic and active driving dashboard design
+ Targeted heating of the living area in the driver’s cabin
+ Largest fold-down bed with low access and wobble-free support
+ Comfortable L-shaped lounge seating group with up to 6 sitting places and comfortable TV viewing position

2018 Carthago C-Compactline

'A Real Carthago in the 3.5 ton Weight Class but at Just 2.12m Wide it is 15cm Narrower'

2018 Carthago C-Compactline

It is as fit as a top competitive athlete: with the new c-compactline I, the premium brand Carthago has extended their product range of integrated motorhomes. The new c-compactline I is characterised by its great handling thanks to its width of only 212 cm. With a weight from 2,830 kg, the c-compactline I is nudging the low weight record at the same time. The new Carthago belongs to the c-tourer family which is why it also has all genes of the Liner premium class. With this combination, Carthago c-compactline I continues with a new standard in the 3.0 ton weight class of integrated motorhomes.

2018 Carthago C-Tourer I

'Enter into the Premium Class of A-Class Motorhomes'

2018 Carthago C-Tourer I Motorhome Layouts

That's what you call a brilliant start: only just presented in January 2012, the Carthago C-Tourer I is a successful model. The equally super-lightweight and super-solid series has taken the 3.5 ton class in a unique manner. They combine the top class premium Liner cabin design including double floor with high-quality, an AL-KO low frame, sophisticated interior and an almost unbeatably low weight.


2018 Carthago Chic C-Line

'The all-rounder - extravagant and comfortable in new v-face design'

2018 Carthago Chic C-Line Motorhome Layouts

It is a pioneer and trendsetter in lightweight construction and therefore, for a high practical payload. In the new generation, it is more attractive, luxurious and comfortable than ever. It offers high-tech on four wheels and pure living comfort. With the chic c-line, you are on your way up to the premium class. Discover the unique charm of one of the most successful integrated motorhome in its segment.

The new generation II of the chic c-line Integrated with the innovative v-face design.


2018 Carthago Chic E-Line

'Self-sufficiency world champion for maximum freedom and independence'

2018 Carthago Chic E-Line

Drive with a world champion! The chic e-line is the self-sufficiency champion, as its electricity, water and storage space capacities are unique in this class. With its outstanding year-round suitability and its thermal concept, it appeals to all those in search of independence. With regard to living comfort, it sets standards with its space concept with a whole 211 cm standing height in the living area and the particularly cosy front round seating group for up to six people.


2018 Carthago Chic S-Plus

'Self-sufficiency world champion on Iveco Daily with rear-wheel drive'

2019 Carthago Chic S-Plus Motorhome Layouts

The chic s-plus can not and does not deny its Liner genes. Optically and technically identical with the chic e-line, primarily the s-plus has a different chassis. Here, a particularly sturdy Iveco Daily delivers continuous driving pleasure. Thanks to the high additional load capacities, the high-traction rear drive and the towed load of up to 3.5 tons, you do not need to do without anything. You only notice the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design after taking a second look as its design and material of the furniture construction adapts the harmonic integration of the driver's cabin area in the living area. In order to be able to rotate the drivers seat into the living area easily, the wooden leather steering wheel can be swivelled forwards.

2018 Carthago Highliner

The payload World Champion – the Carthago Liner class

2019 Carthago Chic S-Plus Motorhome Layouts

You have arrived at the top and that is why the highliner on an Iveco-Daily chassis suits you so well. Its genes portray the Liner premium class. That can be easily seen in the seat position in the raised driver’s cabin module with double shell and insulated all around as well as the extra thick walls with a total thickness of 48 mm. Highlights are the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design and the wooden-leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away to the front to allow the drivers cab seat to be turned in comfort. The innovative exterior bus hatches on both sides can be noticed that, when looking at them for the first time, gives you an idea which extremely large storage space there is behind it. The extra-large water and battery reserves guarantee high self-sufficiency - even on longer trips.


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