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Carthago Heating Design Concept

Why you will be warmer in a Carthago motorhome

Targeted heating, door entrances

  • Additional targeted heating of the door entrances sensitive to the cold in the driver's cabin and living area through hot air outlets


Carthago Heating

Carthago Heating

Heated storage areas, scooter garage, Central battery

  • Frost-proof targeted heating of all technical components, the storage area, the scooter garage as well as the central battery.

Carthago Motorhome Frost Proofing

Targeted heating of the driver's cabin

  • Additional targeted heating of the dashboard front section = effect of a panel heating, pleasant and equal heat distribution in the driver's cabin and living area
  • Additional heating of the driver's cabin entrance via heating ducts in the entrance.

Carthago Motorhome Cab Heating

Double floor as air-conditioning storage

  • Heat circulation ducts in the double floor ensure for an effective heat circulation and an even heat distribution
  • Heat storage in double floors with thermal bridge free insulation all-round
  • Upward heat radiation = underfloor heating effect
  • Frost-proof heating of the technical components
  • Tank discharge taps with heated double floor

Carthago Motorhome Underfloor Heating

Your added value

  • Winter proof motorhome
  • Underfloor heating effect - your feet are always warm
  • No draughty air appearances from the heat storage technology
  • Additional heating of areas sensitive to the cold: storage areas, equipment, door entrance
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Low gas consumption