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Dometic Waeco Air-Conditioning

The new, comprehensive air conditioning programme for Motorhomes and Caravans

For the last year or so Southdowns have struggled in recommending one brand of air conditioning units for motorhomes because we like the Dometic unit for smaller vans and we liked the Waeco units for the larger wagons.

Well hey ho, it's funny how things turn out because Dometic have just bouht Waeco (or is it Waeco have just bought Dometic).

Now they have taken our comments on board and have combined the two units into one product range.

It's funny how the smaller unit is called the B1600 (which is very similar to the Dometic Blizzard 1600 which we liked a lot on smaller vans) and the larger units are called CA2500 (which is very similar to the Waeco Cool Air 2500) which we also liked a lot on larger vans.

Anyway, as I've already said we like these products. This is what Dometic Waeco (or is that Waeco Dometic) say about their products:

"Dometic and WAECO have pooled their air conditioning expertise. As a result, we now offer a seamless range that includes air conditioners for roof mounting as well as for installation inside the vehicle. These systems provide you with a perfect climate both in stationary and mobile use. All you need is the matching DC kit. Choose the climate control system that suits your vehicle and your personal idea of comfort."

Southdowns recommend the following; the B1600 on smaller six meter-ish vans, the B2200 on medium sized seven meter-ish motorhomes and the CA2500 on larger eight meter-ish wagons. Chill-out!

>> Click here for the B1600 Air-Conditioner

>> Click here for the B2200 Air-Conditioner

>> Click here for the CA2500 Air-Conditioner

>> Click here for AC/DC kits


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