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EFOY Smart Fuel Cells

Motorhome Energy anytime, anywhere

Southdowns Motorcaravans are pleased to be the UK's first appointed retailer / installer for the exception EFOY Smart Fuel Cell products.

These are the smart fuel cells as fitted as an option in our Concorde Motorhomes.

The EFOY fuel cell comes in four different power outputs:


Light weight
Each EFOY fuel cell weighs only 7.5 kg.

An EFOY fuel cell is no louder than a computer.

Environmentally Friendly
An EFOY fuel cell generates - aside from electricity - only water and carbon dioxide.

100% Availability
Regardless of weather, day and night, in any season - whenever you need electricity.

Fully automatic
Thanks to the Automatic Charge Control, the EFOY fuel cell operates fully automatically and only when needed. You needn’t worry about a thing.

The EFOY fuel cell is easy to operate and convenient to use thanks to digital remote control.

Need more power?
No problem - You can run up to five EFOY fuel cells in parallel to obtain a capacity of up to 8,000 Wh per day.

Alternatively, Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We will be please to quote for supply and fitting of any product.