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Carthago Drivers Cab Comfort Design Concept

Clearly arranged and functionally designed cockpit

Drivers Cab Cockpit

  • Living area in driver's cabin additionally heated by dashboard heating (dashboard extension = heat storage, large-area radiators)
  • Driver's cabin area completely integrated into the lounge seating group
  • Targeted heating of the door entrances
  • Air vents in stainless steel look (Super package)
  • Dashboard finish with fine wood veneer (Super package)
  • Dashboard with easy-clean soft-touch surface
  • Reversing camera monitor integrated in the side of the dashboard (easily visible, antidazzle

Clearly arranged and functionally designed cockpit

Carthago aerodynamics

  • Flat angle of the front mask
  • 3-dimensional curved vehicle front
  • 3-dimensional convex windscreen
  • Elegantly curved transition between vehicle front and wall-roof transition
  • Aerodynamically-shaped Carthago 'bestview' bus mirrors

Carthago Motorhome Cab Aerodynamics

Carthago Motorhome Cab Aerodynamics Windflow

Flat angle of the Carthago front mask compared to competitors.

Driver's cabin door at a glance

  • Easy access to driver's cabin
  • Driver's cabin door with security double locking mechanism
  • Driver's cabin and main cabin door opened using the remote control, with 'coming home' function (Super package)
  • Low-level, easy door entrance
  • Driver's cabin door lighting integrated in mirror arm, activated with remote control
  • Driver's cabin interior lighting can be switched from door entrance
  • Rain deflected by extended mirror arm and additional rain deflection strip above the door

Carthago Cab Entrance Door

Easy door entrance

Insulating pleated windscreen blind