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Dave Langton, Retail Accessory Shop

Dave Langton

Southdowns Accessory Shop

Interviewed in Autumn 2016

David is the new face behind the counter in the Southdowns retail shop. During a rare quiet moment, we asked him how he is settling in.

Q How long have you been at Southdowns and what were you doing before joining the company?
A Iíve been at Southdowns for almost two months. Before that I was working for a care company, managing two care homes. The hours were unsociable and it was a stressful job so I decided I needed to make a career change. I have worked for B&Q in the past so I do have retail experience but Iíve never worked in the leisure industry so Iím on a steep learning curve when it comes to motorhome accessories and camping equipment.

Q What does your job involve on a day-to-day basis?
A I deal with customers who come into the shop, although Trevor (Henry) the shop manager does most of the customer-facing work. My main role is dealing with our online retail lines, fulfilling customerís orders. These can be anything from a new awning or a panel for a motorhome to a bike rack. We sell virtually everything we stock online, apart from gas bottles Ė for obvious reasons! At this time of year people are mainly ordering accessories but we do get around 20 customers a day coming into the shop and thatís mainly people who have come in either to have their van serviced or pick up a new vehicle.

Q What do you think of the company so far?
A Rod Freeman, who works on the sales team, is my brother-in-law so I knew a bit about the company from him. He recommended that I apply for the job because he thought I would enjoy the work and get on with the people here. So far he has been proved right. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. Iím on a steep learning curve at the moment, so itís very useful to have Trevor here and former retail manager Stephen Mead - who is the fount of all knowledge Ė is here on Tuesdays and weekends, so I have plenty of support.

Q Do you have a personal interest in motorhomes?
A Iíve had caravans in the past so Iíve got a reasonable understanding of the way the internal systems work but Iíd love to borrow one of the motorhomes just for the experience.

Q What would be your idea of the perfect holiday?
A Iím taking my wife to Sorrento on an adults-only, all-inclusive holiday for our 25th wedding anniversary Ė thatís about as close to perfect as it gets for me.

David lives in Gosport with his wife Hayley and his 21-year old daughter Imogen. Interviewed in Autumn 2016


Dave Langton, Retail Accessory Shop