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Carthago Kitchen Comfort Design Concept

In a Carthago motorhome you experience the comfort you would expect from luxurious apartments.

Shape your holiday in a culinary individual manner: being breakfast, a little snack in-between or a complete menu - the kitchen of a Carthago motorhome will meet all desires.

The furnishings are just as practical as complete - Carthago shows that culinary delights can also be enjoyed in a little space. The coffee pad machine is practical and positioned ready for use, with a wall bracket the cover of the sink is also used as a stable kitchen work surface.

Overhead storage cabinets and pull-out systems store your crockery, pots and pans. The spacious fridge is positioned in a separate combination cabinet at a convenient height. Or do you want a fridge / freezer and oven combination?

The smart kitchen of a Carthago also has something to offer for you to look at. There is the effective edge of the high-quality kitchen worktop backlit with an LED light band - simultaneous lighting with opened drawers. Or the practical chrome-plated shelves, the attractive design water taps - all of that gives you an appetite in every way.

Kitchen Lots of comfort on little space

Carthago Kitchen Fridge Raised to hand-height

Advantages of Carthago kitchen concept

  • Coffee pad machine with practical positioning (optional)
  • High-quality tap
  • High-quality kitchen worktop lit from underneath
  • Fridge / freezer combination with 160 l content (optional)
  • Sink cover via an integrated wall bracket that can be used as an additional kitchen worktop
  • Round stainless steel sink with pot height
  • Easy to clean decorative glass trim around the kitchen window
  • Spacious kitchen drawers with soft pull-in and end position dampers
  • Design handles 'Carthago Pushlock' on all drawers
  • Effective extractor hood via electric roof hood fan with function ventilation and extraction (optional)

Carthago Kitchen Extra work surface

Carthago Kitchen Coffee pad machine

Carthago Kitchen Electric roof hood fan