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The History of Concorde Motorhomes

From Folding Tents To The Ultimate European Motorhome

Concorde Founder Helmut Reimann

In 1981, Helmut Reimann, a recognized pioneer in the caravanning industry, founded a company from which, over the years, the largest premium motor home manufacturer in Europe was to develop.

Founded as SKW GmbH, he acquired a plant in Aschbach, Kreis Schlüsselfeld from Tabbert GmbH.

The company initially produced plastic and component parts for the WIGWAM folding caravans manufactured in Zellingen.

Concorde Exhibition Trailer

As early as 1982 a conversion and the first expansion of the company was necessary. Reimann began the vehicle construction with exhibition and special trailers. The plant was named "Schlüsselfelder Kunststoffwerk" (SKW).

In 1983 the delivery of 120 exhibitors to the company Portas was agreed. With the right sense for market developments Helmut Reimann began the construction of Reisemobilen. The models were called Concorde 500 RS and Concorde 500 XS and were built on Ford Transit chassis. A total of 60 units left the plant in the first financial year.

Concorde Camper Van on Peugeot Chassis

From van to camper

1984 first models on the Euro chassis of Peugeot followed. The Peugeot vans were the first sports models to be launched.

Because of the great popularity of Reisemobile, Helmut Reimann finally abandoned the production of caravans in 1985 and devoted himself to the construction of commercial vehicles.

When choosing suitable chassis, the decision was made on VW-LT and Ford chassis. In 1987, the Mitsubishi L 300 chassis was also followed for the Concorde Country Boy, a compact alcove model.

The good business development necessitated a further expansion of the company in 1988. At the same time, the third generation of the Peugeot and Fiat chassis drove through the country.

Concorde Sport XT - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Awards from Promobil Magazine

In 1990, the Concorde Sport TX, the first van with a closed wet cell, took care.

The year 1992 was a defining feature of the Concorde development. On the one hand, extensive construction and investment measures were carried out with appropriate modernization. On the other hand, Concorde won places two and three for the first time in the Reisemobile of the year of the magazine promobil .

The move to Aschbach

Concorde Move to the Aschbach Factory

The new models of the year 1994 presented Concorde at the Caravan Salon, which was held for the first time in Düsseldorf, as a new alcove generation with a double-bottom chassis on Fiat Ducato and the Compact, a box-wagon extension based on the new Ducato. In the following year, new models with double-floor chassis were added based on the Iveco Daily and the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

1996 the company premises in Zellingen were sold and the construction of an administrative building and workshop in Aschbach started. At the end of the year, the company moved to Aschbach.

Concorde Concept & Charisma

1997 Concorde Chaisma Coachbuilt Motorhome

In 1997, Concorde presented the first integrated travel vehicle. The introduction of a new model generation called Concept and CHARISMA as alcove models based on the new Iveco Daily took place in 1999.

In the same year Helmut Reimann withdrew from the current day's business. He had achieved his goal of making Concorde the most important German premium manufacturer of Motorhomes.

With this in mind, Concorde will be launching its first truck, the Concorde C1 on MAN 8226 with a 7.5-ton chassis, and the light-weight Concorde Compact camping bus on its way to winning the promobil readers' choice for the fifth time in a row.

In 2002 the C1 was added to the Iveco Eurocargo chassis. As a nationwide premiere and innovation, Concorde presents the liner models with a specially developed dashboard.

20th anniversary of the Motorhome Manufacturer

In 2003, Dr. Kuehne joined the company and set a milestone with this investment, which also contributed decisively to today's success.

The special model Concorde CRUISER, a luxury car on the new Eurocargo chassis, was built in the same year on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Reisemobil. In addition, Concorde, inspired by the success of the integrated models, complemented the Concerto series with corresponding alcove mobile.

The company also enjoyed success internationally. Consequence: Due to the high demand, the Concorde Compact was specially developed for the UK with a mirrored ground plan and right-hand drive chassis.

2004 Concorde Concerto Series Motorhomes

Demand requires construction measures

The year 2004 was characterized by tragic and decisive events. Tragic was the accident-induced death of company founder Helmut Reimann. The founding of Concorde Reisemobile GmbH and the completion of the new production hall with an area of ​​160 x 25 meters was decisive.

In 2005, the new company realized the construction of a new furniture warehouse with 750 square meters and a 95 x 12 meter panel production hall.

Joachim Baumgartner became the plant manager and, with the introduction of the CHARISMA II with a high-placed driver's cab, set a great impetus for the development of Concorde at the Caravan Salon. The demand for the new models had risen significantly and led to further construction measures to overcome the order situation.

2005 Concorde Charisma A-Class Motorhomes

In 2006, a new heating press, which cost around 350,000 euros, started operations. In 2006, due to the great success of the CHARISMA, for the first time in Concorde history almost 500 Reisemobile were sold within one year.

In 2007 the construction of the band II, as well as an additional warehouse was initiated specifically for the band II. At the same time Concorde launched the production of the starter model CREDO in Aschbach.

In the same year, the company introduced the first integrated parts and the liner series was extended by variants 1040 and 1090. For the first time in 2007, the production capacity was increased to more than 550 Reisemobil

Mobile accommodation for VIPs

2007 Concorde Owner Ralph Schumacher

The company, has always been blessed with an excellent reputation by its high-quality vehicles, getting respect from so-called VIPs. For example, Formula 1 racer Ralf Schumacher or Olympic mountain bike racer and MTB World Champion Sabine Spitz chose Concorde as mobile accommodation.

In 2008, Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel competed with a Concorde LINER gas. The same did also Ex F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell

Inspired by so much sporting celebrity, Concorde became the official cooperation partner of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup 2010.

In 2010, the chassis conversion was brought back into the company as a core competency by an external service provider. To this end, a new production hall was erected in record time, creating more than 20 additional jobs. At the same time, the foundation was laid for a new spare parts hall.

In 2011, the multiple DTM champion Mattias Ekström also trusted with a LINER of the Concorde quality.

Over the course of time, the number of participants in customer meetings has also continued to grow. At the Winterrallye 2009 in Viechtach, more than 100 Reisemobile and more than 300 Reisemobile took part in the Aschbach family gathering. In 2010 it was already ascent to 350 mobile and far more than 700 guests.

On 1 March 2011, Joachim Baumgartner became Managing Director for the areas of vehicle development and production.

As an absolute innovation and highlight, the Concorde model configurator was introduced, which reaches a very high user frequency on the web after a short time and until today.

35 years of Concorde Reisemobile, a story full of personal pioneers, innovative milestones and passionate travelers.

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