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Storage Concept

The Design and Construction of Burstner Motorhomes

Burstner Storage Concept

Clever solutions

Burstner Storage Solutions

Anyone travelling for any length of time, perhaps taking the occasional road trip, needs space for the big things and all the little necessities. Bürstner is on a mission to exploit every last millimetre of space and to come up with clever design solutions to maximise storage capacity.

Standard in all fixed beds

Burstner Double Floor Storage
The easily accessible garages ensure that you have everything with you. You can take your entire fleet along with you in the rear garage. Depending on the model, some garages are accessible from both sides.
Burstner double floor
The heated double floor provides lots of storage space for bulky luggage and protects your valuables from the cold when temperatures drop below freezing.
Burstner Pull-Out Apothecary Drawer
Pull-out drawers
Well sorted: The pull-out drawers have plenty of room for all of your kitchen utensils.
Deep storage cabinets
Now even more things fit in the deeper storage cabinets.
Burstner Under Bed Storage Burstner Shoe Cabinets
Under-bed storage
Storage compartments under the beds can be accessed from inside and outside.
Shoe cabinets
Practically located: The shoe cabinets are exactly where they belong – in the entry area.
Burstner Wadrobes Burstner Wadrobe Storage
You are what you wear: By optimising the floor plans, we have been able to create even more space for large...
...easily accessible wardrobes in the bathroom, living area and under the bed.

All images are depending on the model and floor plan. Please Contact Us to find out which details are available for your desired model.