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Gas Safety Inspection & Gas Appliance Servicing

The Gas Safety Inspection is a comprehensive test of your motorhome's gas appliances by a competent and suitably qualified gas engineer

To enable us to complete a thorough gas check, your motorhome must be fitted with a gas test point. On new motorhomes these are often fitted to the gas regulator assembly. If your vehicle is not fitted with a suitable test point, one will be fitted at an additional cost. Vehicles purchased from Southdowns Motorcaravans, where the annual Southdowns Habitation Check has been completed since purchase, will have a suitable test point fitted free of charge.

Gas System Check

Gas Appliance Checks

Appliance Servicing

The various gas appliances in your motorhome require regular servicing. It is essential for the efficient operation of these appliances that servicing and maintenance is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
We specialise in the servicing of, among others, the following appliances:

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To discus this service, for latest prices or to make a booking for your vehicle, please call our Service Reception on 02392 674825 or Contact Us by email.


Please note that motorhomes that are used for hire are subject to different legislation and Southdowns must be advised of this fact at the time of booking. Gas Safety Inspections for hire vehicles are subject to a premium and this may also result in a delay in the completion of your inspection.

For details of servicing Concorde Motorhomes, please see our Concorde Servicing section.

For further details, please Contact Us to discuss the work you require.
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