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Uwe Klos Concorde Motorhome Technician

Uwe Klos

Motorhome Technician

Uwe sadly lost his battle with cancer early in 2014. He was a good friend and a good colleague and he will be missed by staff and customers alike. We are pleased to remember him in this interview from 2008.

Uwe Klos joined Southdowns as a motorhome technician in December 2004. Born in East Germany he has lived in England for 5 years and has worked for Rover and Rolls Royce. Originally employed in the construction industry as a steel erector before he joined the motor industry, we asked him how he found himself working on motorhomes.

Q What initially attracted you to Southdowns?
A I have a good technical mind and am interested in the way things work. I was looking for a maintenance job and as the motorhome industry is an offshoot of the motor trade, the job appealed to me.

Q Did the fact that Southdowns imports Concorde motorhomes from Germany influence your decision?
A It does give me an advantage because I can work closely with the manufacturer without any language problems. I have spent some time at the Concorde factory on training courses, learning about the way the vehicles are manufactured and I now have a good understanding of all the components and the way they work. I know the Concorde staff well now and building that relationship has added value to what we do - it is a practical benefit to our customers.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company?
A I enjoy the variety of what we do - I could never work on a production line. In this job you have to be flexible because there is something different happening every day. I am a handyman at heart and I like the fact that we work on all kinds of different systems. There is always something new to learn.

Q is there anything you havent tackled yet?
A I would like to train to do carpentry. If people want extra shelves fitted or small alterations made inside their motorhomes, I can do that for them, but cabinet making is a real skill that I would love to learn.

Q Have you ever spent a night in a motorhome?
A Yes, I have been to Spain, France and Portugal. I went camping as a child but in East Germany our opportunities to travel outside the Eastern bloc were a bit limited!

Q If you could go anywhere in the world, where would be your ultimate holiday destination?
A Australia and New Zealand - I might have to buy a motorhome when I got there and really see the country.

Q Finally, tell us one interesting fact about yourself
A I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie - I have done bungee jumping and been on the biggest roller coasters I can find. I want to try everything once!

Uwe lives in Portsmouth and has a teenage daughter, Jessica, who lives in Germany and is training to work in the travel industry.

Uwe was interviewed in 2008