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2015 Carthago Motorhomes

Overview of the 2015 season range of Carthago Motorhomes

For more than 30 years, the name Carthago has stood for competence and top quality in motor home construction.

Southdowns Motorhome Centre are very pleased to offer this outstanding range of motorhomes for sale. Browse through the extensive range below, we are sure you will find a model that suits. We will be please to offer you the opportunity to come and see, examine and drive, these outstanding motorhomes.


2015 Carthago Low-Profile Motorhomes

2015 Carthago Low-Profile Motorhomes

The Fascination of the Low-Profile Motorhome

Semi-integrated motorhomes: dynamic and comfortable

The fascinate. They are the coupés amongst the motorhomes - flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender drivers cabin gives you a feeling of security and provide the motorhome with great handling. The flat optimises the aerodynamic and gives the semi-integrated a bit of sportiness for the way. An attractive side-effect: due to the original drivers cabin of your basic vehicle, the semi-integrated motorhomes are always a bit more cost effective then the elaborate integrated motorhomes. The T-model therefore forms the introduction to the world of the Carthago motorhomes. It is the world of the premium motorhomes as every semi-integrated Carthago is a fully fledged Carthago.

Profit from the highly-stable, well insulated and timber-free cabin from walls with a full aluminium sandwich. From a roof with hail-proof GRP top coating and the rotting resistant underfloor - all of that is Carthago long-life quality Every semi-integrated is equipped with a double floor. It makes a significant contribution to the driving stability, keeps the living area free from onboard technology and provides storage space. Sympathetic additional benefit: The heated double floor achieves the effect of a floor heating system - you do not get cold feet in a Carthago.

Even the living comfort of the semi-integrated has premium format. This affects the comfortable furnishing, the level floor without step and the stable furniture and the many ingenious ideas that makes Carthago so unique. For example: On request, all semi-integrated motorhomes can be equipped with a perfectly integrated central fold-down bed above the seating group. You may have to take someone with you.

No premium motorhome is lighter than a comparative Carthago. This is thanks to the engineering art of the Carthago developers. It is not a matter of chance that readers of the largest European motorhome magazine have elected a semi-integrated from Carthago to motorhome of the year 2014.


2015 Carthago A-Class Motorhomes

2015 Carthago A-Class Motorhomes

A-Class Motorhome: Carthago Core Competence

They are regarded as the champions class of motorhomes: Integrated motorhomes - briefly: Integrated - gives you the pure fascination of travelling on wheels.

Integrated, that means individual and a good taste in design. That means the best view of the landscape for travelling pleasure over great distances. That means an exceptional feeling of space in the cockpit. At the destination, turn the front seats - and the travellers take place in the large living area just like a viewing platform.

The integrated motorhomes from Carthago have pace and class and are well thought out in every detail. Thanks to the innovative lightweight construction concept, a Carthago is, for example, lighter than every other premium motorhome and is unrivalled for strength at the same time.

Enjoy the comfort of a Carthago: feel well in the comfortable cockpit with generous freedom of movement.

The generous and comfortable fold-down bed above the front seats welcomes you at night time. The insulated pleated windscreen blind keeps curious eyes away and insulates at the same time. A clever heating concept encompasses all areas sensitive to the cold, including the door entrance and cockpit.

Put your trust in the safety of a Carthago: The integrated motorhomes offer a good vision second to none, which has been proven by independent tests. Even when you are usually always looking to the front on holiday: Best view rear-view mirror and the perfectly integrated monitor of the reversing camera assist you when you do look back. A Carthago is also prepared for emergencies: All integrated motorhomes on a Fiat Ducato are serially equipped with a safety package with drivers and passenger airbag as well as the ESP electronic stability program.

Travelling turns to an experience with a Carthago. Is it any wonder with all of these advantages when the integrated motorhome from Carthago is the number one in Europe in the premium class?


2015 Carthago Liner Class Motorhomes

2015 Carthago Liner Class Motorhomes

Liner: Travelling at its highest level

The fascination of luxury and top technology, from an imposing size and the finest details - nobody embodies them more than the motorhomes of the Liner premium class. They are mentioned along with super yachts in the same breath of air. Travelling in perfection, the luxury suite on wheels - the Liner premium class does not know anything better.

Carthago is successful in this top class of motorhomes successfully for many years - and than even being with two models, the highliner and the liner de luxe. Many developments have celebrated their premier here, that have then been introduced into the other model series. The highly stable and well insulated Carthago superstructure with Carthago double floor technology for example, has its origin here.

Liner - that means distinctive design and see and be seen. This means a raised cockpit with an individual brand design and maritime design. That means a wood / leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away for even more freedom of movement. And that means a larger living area with elegant furniture and plenty of loving details.

The dream of space, it becomes true in a Carthago of the Liner premium class. In the living room, that turns to a living dream with selected furnishings. In the well equipped kitchen. In the spacious bathroom. And last but not least, in a proper bedroom. You do not have to waste any thoughts about storage space and payload in a Liner. This also includes the large storage of water, gas and electricity.

And in case it should be a little tight for the Liner on the go: in the rear of the top of the range model of the Carthago liner de luxe 82 Q there is even space for a compact car for taking trips into the city. Carthago talks about the master class with its Liners. And that has its reason.



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