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Glastonbury in a Camper Van

We have spent many happy times in a motorhome at Glasto

The BBC website is reporting that wealthy music fans are paying thousands of pounds to stay in two new luxury festival camps that have sparked a debate about the true Glastonbury spirit.

On the hills above the festival, this is Windinglake Farm, the new face of Glastonbury - where those who can afford it enjoy the event in style. There is a Ferrari parked outside a palatial motorhome, a Bentley going back and forth along the country lanes and models mingling with film stars at the bar.

As the festival has grown more respectable and fashionable, it has attracted a crowd who would like to enjoy the event - but escape the mud, crowds and toilets when they want. Complete with hair and make-up trailer and four bar and club areas, Windinglake Farm offers easy access to the festival but with dry and spacious accommodation and hip entertainment.

The Chemical Brothers and model Jodie Kidd are staying there while actress Keira Knightley popped in for a record company party.

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