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2019 Season Burstner Motorhomes

Southdowns Motorhome Centre: The UK's Premier Burstner Motorhome Dealer

Southdowns Motorhome Centre are pleased to announce the arrival of the new 2019 season Burstner Motorhomes.

“In a Bürstner, you feel at home right from the very start. Which is why we call our vehicles motorhomes rather than recreational vehicles. And campers instead of caravans. Bürstner creates unique living spaces for people who love to be on the move. The difference lies in the “comfort and well-being” typical for Bürstner.”

Jens Kromer
CEO of Bürstner

2019 Burstner City Car Camper Vans

A true everyday hero

Being compact and homey at the same time is what sets the City Car apart. Your mobile home and leisure vehicle.

2018 Burstner City Car Camper Van Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Lyseo Harmony Line Low-Profile Motorhomes

The three-room apartment

The modern low-frame chassis and the clever positioning of the decals disguise the fact that the Lyseo TD Harmony Line boasts about 205 cm of headroom on the inside. Everywhere you look, you experience more freedom, greater comfort and better ergonomics.

Exterior advantages

2019 Burstner Lyseo Harmony Line TD Low-Profile Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Ixeo T Low-Profile Motorhomes

Upper mid-range

The new Ixeo T has Bürstner’s “Wohnfühlen” gene in its DNA, implementing mobile living in an impressive way. People with sophisticated demands in terms of looks, shape and function will find their perfect holiday companion

2019 Burstner Ixeo T Low-Profile Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Ixeo TL Low-Profile Motorhomes

Crosswise to lengthwise

The Ixeo TL was the first semi-integrated motorhome to feature a fold-down bed and set new standards in its field. The evolution of the fold-down bed from the widthwise version to the lengthwise option brings entirely new possibilties.

2019 Burstner Ixeo TL Low-Profile Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Ixeo I A-Class Motorhomes

Sophistication par excellence

Experience the feeling of being on the road in a modern motorhome with the new Ixeo I. Sophistication and elegance awaits you in this completely newly designed Bürstner.

2019 Burstner Ixeo I A-Class Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Travel Van Motorhomes

Compact can be comfortable

The exterior design of the Cappuccino’s sweeping shape lends the Travel Van its sporty touch, which is emphasised by its slim exterior of only 2,20 m. This goes unnoticed inside because the implementation of tried and tested solutions creates generous spaces.

2019 Burstner Travel Van Low-Profile Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Elegance A-Class Motorhomes

Ample room for luxury

The Elegance is the flagship model in the Bürstner fleet. Its striking design, distinctive good looks and clean lines extend all the way from its expressive face to its masculine rear. A five-star luxury holiday awaits you in this motorhome with its lavish standard features and many additional functional details

2019 Burstner Elegance I A-Class Motorhome Layouts

2019 Burstner Argos Coachbuilt Motorhomes

Feel-good factor

Quality with a hint of luxury – that’s the Argos. Ready for the big adventure tour at any time of year – that’s also the Argos. The ability to cope with conditions in winter is built into the design. Even with an outside length of almost 9 m, it is easy to steer and keep safely under control. Fitted as standard with virtually all the conveniences, it boasts features like the premium cabin door, aluminium frame windows and a hot water heating system.

2019 Burstner Argos Coachbuilt Motorhome Layouts

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