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Tom Alesbury, Motorhome Parts

Tom Alesbury

Motorhome Parts

Tom was interviewed in May 2016.

At 18, Tom is one of the youngest members of the Southdowns Service Centre staff. We asked him about his job and his plans for the future.

Q How long have you been at Southdowns and what were you doing before you joined the company?
A Iíve been at Southdowns for a year. My Dad was working at the company at the time and I started as a valeter in May 2015. Iíve been working in the parts department since November las year and before that I was at college.

Q What does your job involve?
A I book in the parts as they are delivered, create orders and file them on the computer system. Iím good at IT so thatís quite straightforward. I also have to understand what the parts do Ė and thatís a bit more complicated! I work very closely with the workshop staff so theyíve really helped me get to grips with everything.

Q After a year at the company, whatís the best thing about working at Southdowns?
A Weíre quite a close-knit team. Everyoneís friendly and we all get on well. That makes work a lot more enjoyable.

Q Do you have a personal interest in motorhomes or camping?
A Iíve never spent any time in a motorhome but I have been on camping holidays in the past. I enjoy what I do but long-term Iíve got other ambitions.

Q where do you see yourself in five yearsí time?
A In the future, Iíd like to join the RAF so that I can travel and get the chance to experience things that you wouldnít do at home. Iíve been told I need more leadership experience before I can apply. Iím quite sporty but even to get involved in local teams as a sports leader you need to be 21, so Mark Derbyshire (the Southdownsí Parts Manager) and Andy Bottle (the Workshop Manager) have both offered to let me lead a project or two here. We havenít decided exactly what they will be yet but Iím excited to be given the chance to do something on my own.

Tom lives in Waterlooville with his family. He was interviewed in May 2016.


Tom Alesbury, Motorhome Parts