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Tom Alesbury, Motorhome Parts

Tom Alesbury

Parts Manager

Tom was first interviewed in May 2016, but 2017 has seen him taking on more responsibility in the company. We talk to him again in summer 2017.

Q How has your job changed?
A In the last few months I've become much more involved in using Dragon, which is the computer system we use across the whole business. I’m now managing the system for the parts department and so my role has become much more IT-based. I’m now the go-to man for anything parts-related that involves the computer system.

Q What does your new job involve day-to-day?
A Using Dragon, I can book parts in and out, book vans in for servicing and look up all our customer and vehicle details. The system carries all the stock values so I can find out exactly what’s available and what we hold at any one time. I also liaise with the technicians so that they get the parts they need when they need them.

Q How is your new role working out so far?
A So far, it’s working out well. I had always wanted to go into the RAF and saw Southdowns as a stop-gap job until I was old enough and had the right experience to apply. Now, I’ve changed my mind because this is much more of a long term role. I’ve been given a lot more responsibility and I’m being given training to help me get the most out of the system. I feel that I’ve got a future with the company that I hadn’t really considered before.

Tom lives in Waterlooville with his family. He was interviewed in Summer 2017.

See what Tom had to say last time we spoke to him in early 2016.


Tom Alesbury, Motorhome Parts

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