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MOT Testing

MOT Testing for all classes of Motorhomes

Most motorhomes require an MOT Test once the vehicle is three years old. This is usually a Class IV test.  If you use your vehicle for carrying any goods then the vehicle is subject to different legislation and is probably due an MOT after one year.

We offer two services for customers whose vehicles are due an MOT.

Firstly, our workshop is able to offer a comprehensive Pre MOT Inspection Service to minimise the disappointment of an MOT failure.

   >>Click here for more details of our Pre MOT Inspection Service.

Secondly, we offer an MOT Presentation Service. Whilst not a MOT testing facility ourselves, many customers find it easier to have us arrange their MOT whilst their vehicle is with us for its annual motorhome inspection

Our MOT Presentation Service covers booking the appointment, delivery and collection of your vehicle from and to the MOT facility.

   >>Click here for more details of our MOT Presentation service.

Please Contact Us for further details.

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