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Sleep-Well Concept

The Design and Construction of Burstner Motorhomes

Burstner Sleep-Well Concept

Are you lying comfortably?

A Burstner has all you need to help you relax after a busy day and recharge your batteries ready for new adventures. There are beds to cater for every taste – single, double or queen-size beds. Then there are some clever features which make it really comfortable to lie in all positions. Sleep well – and sweet dreams.

Standard in all fixed beds

Burstner Under Matress Bed System
Optimum comfort
A combination of slatted base with flexible rubber supports and 5-zone memory foam mattress...
...allow for the optimum distribution of body weight.
Burstner Matress Cover

Mattress cover

Anti-allergenic, removable and washable (not Aviano).
Fitted sheets
Fit all the mattresses in the fixed beds.
Burstner Lengthways Drop-Down Bed Burstner Drop-Down Bed for A-Class
Fold-down beds in Ixeo class
The electric fold-down bed is built in lengthwise and can be lowered down to almost bench seat level
… in the integrated model
Enjoy the luxury of a second bed above the cab. Also available with electric control on request.
Burstner Overcab Bed for Coachbuilts
Fold-down bed in semi-integrated models
Enjoy the luxury of a second bed in the integrated models for your own use or guests – at 200 x 140 cm there is enough space.
Alcove bed
The alcove bed is simply raised up when not in use – and lowered down in the evening to provide an ample double berth.
Burstner Freestanding Rear Queens Bed Burstner Transverse Rear Double Bed
Free-standing double bed
The queen-size bed can be easily accessed from either side and there is a little table on each side.
Rear bed
Installed sideways in the rear, this offers a generous area of almost 200 x 150 cm with safe and convenient stair access.
Burstner Twin Single Rear Beds
XL single beds
Almost every floor plan with single beds has a bed with a minimum length of 200 cm.
Burstner Twin Single Rear Beds Burstner Freestanding Rear Queens Bed Burstner Transverse Rear Bed
Single beds Queen-size bed Rear bed lateral
Burstner Fold-Down or Overcab Bed Burstner Drop-Down Bed for Low-Profiles Burstner Transverse Rear Bed
Fold-down/alcove bed Fold-down bed in integrated models