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Hymer's Award-Winning SLC Chassis

Specially developed, innovative, the Super Light Chassis

At the 2017 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon Hymer presented two layouts of the Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine to the public for the very for time. The vehicle featured a high double floor for which Hymer had developed a new and one-of-a-kind new chassis, the SLC chassis. The chassis was seen as revolutionary; it had a low dead weight increasing vehicle payload and has a lower centre of gravity, improving vehicle handling characteristics. Hymer had laid an important foundation for the chassis technology of the future.

Here we take a closer look at this award winning SLC chassis.

The specially developed, innovative SLC chassis (Super Light Chassis) ensures you have considerably more storage space thanks to the higher, heated double floor and handy through-loading compartment. The floor is also continuous without any obtrusive wheel arches. The heating system is integrated in the exceptionally well-insulated double floor and is very quiet. It also heats the fresh water and waste water tanks that are located there. The low centre of gravity ensures high driving stability and the seamlessly level underbody improves the aerodynamics, the amount of noise that’s generated by the vehicle and the fuel consumption.

The Chassis

Perfect Grip

Hymer SLC Chassis Underfloor

The low centre of gravity ensures reduced rolling behaviour and high driving stability. That guarantees a good grip even on poor roads. The seamlessly level underbody improves the aerodynamics. The SLC chassis is also more rigid, which reduces the noise that’s generated by the vehicle.

Independent wheel suspension

Hymer SLC Chassis Independent Suspension

The independent wheel suspension improves wheel control when cornering, meaning that your vehicle has considerably better grip than a vehicle with a rigid axle.


Hymer SLC Chassis Weight Saving

The chassis is a Super Light Chassis, which is 16% lighter than a conventional chassis. The high-quality lightweight construction of the chassis means that a higher payload is possible.

Storage Space

Handy through-loading compartment

Hymer SLC Chassis Loading Compartments

The through-loading compartment measuring 24 cm in height and 70 cm in width enables you to take long items along with you on your trip, such as tables, surfboards or skis. The through-loading compartment is accessible from both sides and from the interior. Once again, good insulation means there’s no risk of damage due to extreme heat or cold.

Garage casing

Hymer SLC Chassis Garage Casings

The GRP garage casing can bear loads of up to 450 kg as standard and has a storage space capacity of up to 3,800 litres.

Spacious compartments in the floor

Hymer SLC Chassis Floor Compartments

The versatile double floor has a total of 5 thermal compartments. One for the waste water and fresh water tank, the battery compartment,the EBL, the through-loading compartment and one further storage compartment that can be used. In total, the double floor has a storage space capacity of almost 1,000 litres.

Technical Installations

Level living area floor

Hymer SLC Chassis Living Area Flat Floor

The 36 cm high, heated double floor boasts plenty of storage space, the best insulation values and a level living area floor. As the wheel arches are integrated in the double floor, this means that you have a spacious shower with a continuous floor.


Hymer SLC Chassis Heating System

The heating system is also integrated in the double floor. That comes with a range of advantages: it is very quiet and also heats the fresh water and waste water tanks. What’s more, the excellent insulation of the SLC chassis protects all compartments and tanks from extreme temperatures.

Large waste water/fresh water tank

Hymer SLC Chassis Large Water Tanks

The fresh water tank (180 l) and the waste water tank (150 l) are integrated in the double floor and accessible from the interior. This ensures trouble-free cleaning and operation even in extreme winter temperatures. Emptying the waste water tank is easy using a switch on the dashboard.


Hymer SLC Chassis Smart Battery System

Thanks to the HYMER Smart Battery System, you’ll discover a whole new level of self-sufficiency. At a typical rate of use of 350 Wh, you used to be able to remain self-sufficient for 3 days with a second living area battery. Thanks to the additional lithium battery, you can now remain self-sufficient for 6 whole days. This equates to an increase of approx. 100%.

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