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The Cabin Construction of the Concorde Charisma

Concorde Charisma Cross Sectional Drawing

As far as motorhome building is concerned, the name Concorde stands for perfect insulation and outstanding stability.

This is primarily due to the fully bonded Solidtherm® cabin construction with high-density solid PU profiles to eliminate cold spots and the side wall insulation with a 40 millimetre layer of RTM foam.

As if that were not enough: sandwich constructions are also used for the floor and intermediate panels, with insulation layers adding up to a total of 70 millimetres, contributing to perfect insulation values achieved by Concorde.

 Furthermore, the side skirts, the bumpers and the front and rear sections are made of rugged but flexible GRP material. The completely smooth, high gloss, aluminium sandwich wall panels create an automobile impression and aluminium roof profile sections with rain channels reduce soiling of the side walls.


The Chassis Construction of the Concorde Charisma

Concorde gives a sign in the motorcaravan industry when it comes to the chassis: the position of the driver's seat has been moved upwards, forwards and to the side to not only produce a completely level floor in the living area, but also an optimal view.

This means that the driver of a Concorde "A" class can see the road just three metres ahead of him. A real argument for increased driving safety.

Fitted between the specially developed dashboard and the windscreen, with its heated windscreen wiper area, a convector heater effectively reduces the formation of condensation with a well-aimed current of air.

An aluminium sandwich construction with 40 millimetres of RTM foam has been used for the floor of the cab and the end wall, with 20 millimetre thick special mats providing additional sound insulation.