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Concorde Technology: The Concorde Chassis

Concorde Motorhome Chassis Development Ideas:

Concorde Technology: The Chassis Design Development

Driving along in a Concorde mobile home is safe as houses - not only thanks to our engineers but also quite naturally because of our chassis. Here we would like to share our ideas during development:

1.Driving safety thanks to the broad wheelbase and high front axle load

2.The front axle pneumatic shock absorbers guarantee unrivalled stability and exceptional driving comfort. (optional for Daily and Eurocargo chassis)

3.The original shock absorbers have also been retained to provide protection against heavy impacts.

4.Enjoy a better view and safer driving thanks to the driver active dashboard (only with premium class)

5.Massive fuel tank up to 180 litres

6.Rear axle drive with twin tyres for reliable traction (not with Credo Emotion)

7.Heavy load rollers protect the chassis from hitting the ground (not for all models)

8.Original rear axle with pneumatic shock absorbers with lifting and lowering action (optional)

9.The massive rear lowering provides a low liftover height, high loading capacity and trailer load up to 3,500 kg.

10.Solid frame with heavy load reinforcement