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Concorde has developed an innovative thermal concept for the integrated Liner and Charisma series:

Concorde Technology: Thermal Concept Tehcnology

1.Concorde put a lot of effort into making the walls, roof and floors themselves, using outside and inside chromed, stove-finished aluminium sheets with 40 mm of high-quality RTM foam insulation between the plates fully reinforced with hard PU edging. The inner side is covered with attractive carpeting to balance air humidity.

2.Concorde uses Sikaflex to force bond all the parts resulting in a torsion-free/ rigid vehicle body without thermal bridges. Aluminium corner edges or tie beams would also provide good stability at lower costs, but they would generate extreme thermal bridges and condensation in the corners.

3.Concorde utilises outstandingly effective insulated PU frame windows made by Seitz with optically and functionally perfect inner frames with darkening and mosquito blinds. (The thermal image shows the windows with open blinds)

4.Concorde features insulated glass side windows in the driverís cabin with thermally separated aluminium frames and hard glass panes.

5.Concorde windscreens are manufactured especially for us. These are maximally tinted and provided with a green sunshield in the upper area to ensure optimal protection against the rays of the sun. In the wintertime you donít want to be without our heated surface for those large bus windscreen wipers.

6.Behind the big bus windscreen the Concorde has a household aluminium roller-shutter with PU insulation and 230 V electric drive. A hot water radiator is installed between the windscreen and roller-shutter heating the roller-shutter from both sides and preventing you from getting a cold neck in the driverís cabin. This will also almost entirely prevent the windscreen from misting up.

7.Concorde has developed designs that raise the driverís cabin, resulting in a continuous floor in the living area without a step to the driverís area as is common with other manufacturers. The original elevated Iveco-Daily-Windlauf consists of a sheet metal bottom part, sheet metal wind blocker and original dashboard and is used in all Concorde series starting from Credo. The same applies to the completely insulated sandwich living area floor.

8.Concorde has developed a much more sophisticated solution for the premium Charisma and Liner models. Both series come without the original sheet metal bottom. An elevated frame made of galvanised steel provides the supporting structure and is a perfect basis for a perfect integrated motor home. A 48 mm thick sound absorbing sandwich floor plate extends under the specially designed bus dashboard and with a sandwich front plate this offers complete insulation in the front section / driverís cabin.