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Concorde Motorhome Logo Southdowns Motorhome Centre UK's Concorde Importer 2012 Concorde Motorhomes

 The introduction of a stunning new Charisma Three. Whilst the classic Charisma gets a called just that - Classic!


Concorde Credo Emotion Motorhome
Concorde Credo Emotion

Unparalleled comfort in a compact motorhome.

Even in a compact motorhome, there’s no reason for you to do without any amenities: The Credo Emotion has the same stand-out qualities as the large Concorde models. For instance, it has an uninterrupted, unstepped double floor, a water heater, and our innovative wall design.

The only thing we saved on with the Credo Emotion is the price. And this is what you’ll ultimately benefit from.  

Concorde Credo Passion Motorhome
Concorde Credo Passion

Unparalleled driving views for a motorhome.

The Credo Passion on an Iveco chassis impresses with an innovative cab design, which you’ll find that other manufacturers offer only with their premium models. The Passion’s chassis was modified to raise the driver’s position and move it closer to the front.

This provides you with a better view of traffic and in addition enables the two cockpit seats to integrate perfectly into the large living room.



Concorde Credo Action Motorhome
Concorde Credo Action

Unparalleled roadworthiness for an coachbuilt.

The Credo Action is the motorhome for active travellers, whether a couple or a family with children. At the same time, no other model in the Concorde family better represents our company’s tradition. We started to build alcove models with a double floor construction on an Iveco chassis more than 15 years ago. And you’ll benefit from those years of experience, particularly with the Credo alcove.

From floor plans to bed sizes to storage compartment design - every detail of this motorhome is based on the unique Concorde know-how.



Concorde Carver Motorhome
The Concorde Carver

Power meets comfort.

The Carver fulfils the needs of motorhome travellers accustomed to comfort and functionality.

It uses the strong Iveco Turbo Daily chassis, making it particularly robust. Continuous double flooring, the Alde water heater, and the unique Concorde Solidtherm wall construction make the Carver the standard-bearer for comfortable travelling - thanks not least to a generous amount of loading and storage space, as well as top marks for winter capability, long operational life, and functionality.



Concorde Charisma Three Motorhome
The New Concorde Charisma Three

Often copied, never equalled. Charisma sets the benchmark yet again.

Every range of models of this modern classic has revolutionised motorhome construction. Again and again and again. Now is the time to define the standard afresh. And once again to demonstrate what makes a modern motorhome stand out from the crowd: forward-looking design, intelligent technology, and comfort without compromise.

Simply everything for an incomparably pleasant journey. Enjoy a completely fresh experience of originality.

The Charisma. Inimitable.



Concorde Charisma Classic Motorhome
The Concorde Charisma Classic

Benchmark in its class.

Following introduction of the new 2012 Concorde Charisma Three, all other integrated motorhomes came to be measured against its performance values. In fact, the features that were embodied in the Charisma more than 15 years ago continue to this day to define style: superior technology, innovative design, and perfection in craftsmanship.

That’s why it’s already a classic. And that’s why we’ve named it the Charisma Classic.



Concorde Cruiser Motorhome
Concorde Cruiser

A wonder of agility and outfitting.

In designing this new Concorde, we took into account your needs as well as the know-how of our engineers and the passion of our entire team. The functional Cruiser combines the luxury-class Concorde cabin with the agile chassis of the Iveco Eurocargo.

It’s the perfect luxury alcove for the motorhome traveller who’s looking for more than a mere transporter..



Concorde Cruiser C1  Motorhome
The Concorde Cruiser C1

Independence without compromises.

The perfect fit for individualists. The Cruiser C1 is the flagship among alcoves. And it’s part of a special heritage: Over 15 years ago, Concorde was one of the first manufacturers to produce alcove models with double floors. We’ve put our extensive know-how to work in designing the Cruiser C1.

 Including winter-proofing, four especially comfortable beds, and an intelligent storage compartment design.


Concorde Liner Motorhome
The Concorde Liner

Perfect all-rounder.

Concorde builds motorhomes out of passion. We’ve put all our enthusiasm into the Liner, which we manufacture on the chassis of the Iveco Eurocargo. The Liner gives voice to everything that our customers have requested: Living comfort and loading reserves of a motorhome in the Liner class, operable with a Class 3 driving license. In addition, the one-of-a-kind feeling of spaciousness with a cabin width of 2.5 metres.

Order received - and completed!



Concorde Liner Plus Motorhome
The Concorde Liner Plus

Luxury requires space to unfold. Here it is. The Concorde Liner Plus is the measure of all things in motorhome construction.

With a cabin width of 2.49 metres and a length of up to 11.50 metres, the Liner Plus is breathtaking from the exterior alone. But its interior assets are also impressive: an enormous amount of space and finely crafted, premium materials wherever you look. This is how Concorde defines exclusivity in mobile travelling.

Our design is rewarded by success: Not only does the Liner Plus make an imposing figure, but it is also the best-selling motorhome over 7.5 tonnes, making it the champion in its class.


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