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Concorde Technology: The Double Floor

The Concorde double floor technology is well thought out and set up for practical use:

Concorde Technology: Double Floor Concept Tehcnology

1.For the living room floor Concorde uses a second fully insulated Sandwich plate instead of the frequently used 200 mm wood plate. The total thickness of 80 mm, with 70 mm of high-quality RTM foam, will keep your feet cosy and warm.

2.Concorde supplies the basement through the return pipes of the standard Alde hot water central heating so there is more heating power for the living area. The temperature in the basement is always high enough to prevent the fresh water, waste water and sewage tanks from freezing.

3.Unlike other manufacturers, Concorde does not install heating and pressure water systems in the wardrobe but - like the air conditioning system - in the intermediate floor, so these systems are almost silent. A service flap in the wall allows easy access from outside for all maintenance jobs. All water pipes start in the basement and lead directly to the tap.

4.The electrical control centre in the Concorde has fuses in the garage and wiring in the ductwork and cable ducts, so the spacious outside storage compartments are entirely available for you to use without worrying about tangled cables and conduits.

5.Concorde deflects two thirds of the tensile forces of the rear seatbelts via the side wall. This means that we could omit heavy frames for the seats in the double floor, thus saving more than 30 kg and providing even more storage room in the basement.

6.Concorde locates heavy loads like batteries (up to 150 kg), the battery charger and inverters in the intermediate floor close to the rear axle, which is capable of bearing heavy loads, resulting in a low centre of gravity, easy maintenance, silent operation and well-balanced axle loads.