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Southdowns Motorhome Technician Gary Carter

Gary Carter

Motorhome Technician

With a strong technical background, Gary gave up his own property maintenance business in 2011 and has proved a valuable member of the Southdowns workshop team.

Q How did you find yourself working for Southdowns?
A Iím a coachbuilder by trade and despite being self-employed for seven years running my own property maintenance company I was interested in the idea of working on motorhomes. Weíve got motorhomes in the family and I own a caravan - the lifestyle really appeals to me. Also, I was feeling a bit isolated working for myself and wanted to get back into working as part of a team. It was a difficult decision to give up my own business but so far Iíve not regretted it.

Q What does your job involve?
A I am responsible for habitation checks, which means looking for any faults, breakages and issues such as damp. I check all the water, electricity and gas systems for faults and make sure everythingís working properly. I work on the new vehicles and service motorhomes for existing customers so there is plenty of variety. I have a background in building vehicle bodies - coaches, drop-sided vehicles, even Formula One transporters - so I can turn my hand to most things and Iím very keen to learn new skills and find out more about the way motorhomes are put together.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company
A The industry gives me a buzz because I have a personal interest in motorhomes but I am also really enjoying working with the other technicians. I like working on the vehicles and there is a good team spirit where everyone pulls together. Communication is also good at Southdowns: you feel you can discuss problems and raise any issues you have because everyone is approachable.

Q If you could take a motorhome anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A I would love to own my own motorhome one day. If I could go anywhere in the world Iíd like to drive across the USA - I love the idea of going somewhere where you could just hit the road and just keep going.

Q What is your personal philosophy?
A Enjoy your work as much as your leisure time.

Gary lives in Waterlooville with his wife Jenny and his two teenage children. When heís not supplying fatherly advice and taxi services, he is a keen gardener, loves DIY and is trying to find time to go away in the family caravan - unfortunately since heís been at Southdowns that ambition is looking less likely all the timeÖ

Gary was interviewed in 2012.