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Hymer PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept

The formula for every climate

The new HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept withstands all external weather conditions, allowing you to relax inside in the most homely and cosy atmosphere, without a care in the world.

All-round, optimum protection – for many years now

HYMER was already setting standards back in 1978 with the development of the innovative PUAL design, and has been fitting its motorhomes with the advanced PUAL technology since then. The excellent insulation provided by the closed-cell PU foam guaranteed a comfortable temperature in summer, as well as cosy warmth during the colder months. The first generation of PUAL side walls consisted of an aluminium outer skin, the foam core and a high-quality plywood interior wall. The manufacturing process: by applying a pressure of approx. 500 tons, the PU foam was bonded to the aluminium and plywood, creating a very sturdy and extremely durable side wall without thermal bridges

Hymer PUAL 2.0 Formula Graphic

PUAL 2.0 – The evolution

By further developing the patented PUAL bodywork, HYMER continues to offer its customers the leading body shell design in the industry.

Hymer PUAL 2.0 Construction Graphic

Now featuring an aluminium inner and outer skin, improved foam composition and 100% wood-free design without thermal bridging, the new HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept offers maximum stability and the best insulation values. Aluminium on the inside wall ensures even, rapid heat distribution. The polyurethane foam also offers numerous other benefits. Among other things, it is water-repellent, lightweight and extremely durable.

Hymer PUAL 2.0 Bonding Graphic

The advantages at a glance

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