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Bulk LPG Gas Tanks and the Chunnel

Can you take motorhome gas across the Channel on Euro Tunnel

We are often asked by customers whether they can take their vehicle through the channel tunnel. The answer is almost always yes. What even with my gas tank on board? Yes!

A few years ago you weren't able to take a motorhome on the tunnel if it had a gas tank on board. This rule has now been relaxed but a number of key conditions do remain.

In response to these many queries, I have prepared the following:

From the EuroTunnel Website

LPG. Vehicles fitted with LPG containers to power domestic services e.g. cooking, refrigeration, heating and water heaters are accepted as long as the containers are switched off, weigh no more than 47kg and are not more than 80% full. If your vehicle is fitted with such a container, you must declare this at Check-In.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and dual powered vehicles (i.e. vehicles fitted with an LPG tank as an alternative fuel) cannot be accepted for transport by Eurotunnel.

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From the Calor Gas Website

How many litres of gas are in 47kg? 91.8 litres.

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The standard Concorde Tank is 120 Litres capacity, so 80% of capacity is 96 litres. The important figure, the lowest of the two conditions is therefore the maximum weight condition, 47Kg or 91.8 litres of LPG.

Customers using the tunnel in their Concorde are therefore not allowed to fill any more than 91.8 litres. We therefore suggest 90 litres as this is well less than 80% capacity maximum limit (96 litres) and less than the 47Kg maximum limit (91.8 litres)

It should be noted that with the 120l tank it is almost impossible to put in more than 90 litres in the tank anyway as it is designed to cut off at about 80% pressure. I think the most I've ever put in a 120 litre tank is 92 litres.