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Coffee in A Motorhome

As many of you who have visited us at Southdowns know, we do make a good cup of coffee

In response to the many queries we receive asking us what coffee we offer, I thought it was time to tell our secret.

We use the Nespresso range of coffee. These are little individual pods of coffee that always give a good, fresh cup. The pods come in lots of different flavours and strengths including a de-caff. We each have different favourites.

It's funny but now I drink better quality coffee, I drink less of it. The pods can be bought online and they arrive by post a few days later. Its really very simple.

As well as the big machine in the office Michael, Andrew & Russell (and now Julie too) all have a small machine at home too. When you drink good coffee during the week at work, then having a cup of instant at home on a Sunday morning just isn't the same.

You can see details at the Nespresso website at :

If you want to buy a machine then John Lewis online offer a reasonable range at good prices (that's where I bought mine).
Their website is at: