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Quentin Hylands

Customer Assistant

Southdowns Staff Contact Details Card
A few years ago, motorhome enthusiast Quentin booked his vehicle into the Southdowns workshop. He left with a newly serviced van and a job!

Q How did you find yourself working for Southdowns?
A I brought my motorhome - a Burstner Elegance 821 - in for a service and got talking to the workshop manager. He was telling me that Southdowns was always looking for drivers and as I am retired, and enjoy driving, I offered my services.

Q What does your job involve?
A I now work for Southdowns on an 'as and when' basis, which suits both of us. I can take time off whenever I like and can work as much or as little as I want to and Southdowns doesn't have to pay me when there is nothing for me to do. It's a win-win arrangement that suits everyone. Because I used to own a 35 foot American twin-side motorhome, I have an HGV licence so I spend a lot of my time picking up the bigger Concorde models from the factory and delivering vehicles to customers around the country. I also act as a general assistant - helping out at trade shows, helping the sales team and sometimes doing a bit of valetting if necessary.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company
A I have more than ten years' experience of driving a motorhome both in the UK and in Europe, so I enjoy meeting customers at shows and when I am delivering their vehicles and talking to them about their motorhome and their travel plans. I get on well with everyone I work with and I love the fact that it's a very flexible job - more of a hobby that I get paid for!

Q If you could take a motorhome anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A I have travelled a lot in the UK and have visited most countries in western Europe. We worked out that we probably spend around 180 nights a year in the motorhome. My wife and I tend to follow the sun and spend most winters in Spain. We've never ventured into eastern Europe, although I have been to the Czech Republic, so that's next on the list. I would also love to see the midnight sun - but that is a tricky journey to do in a motorhome. We might just have to give in and fly!

Q Finally, what is your personal philosophy?
A I always try to treat people as I would like to be treated - it pays dividends.

Quentin lives in Cowplain with his wife Mickey. In 2010 Quentin drove a £200,000 Concorde Cruiser around the country as a support vehicle for well-known war veteran and fundraiser Major Phil Packer as he tackled the three Peaks challenge for sport Relief with a team of climbers and celebrities.


Quentin Hylands Business Card