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Ryan Vevers takes on the London to Brighton Challenge

5th March 2014

Ryan Vevers and the London to Brighton Challenge

Southdowns Aftersales Specialist attempts gruelling 100km marathon for Cancer Research charity

Many of our customers will know Ryan Vevers, the smiley faced young man from the front desk. Ryan looks after customers who have their motorhomes in for service.

This May, Ryan is attempting the gruelling 100km London to Brighton Challenge. The event is now one of the UKís greatest endurance events. Most of this year's 3,000 challengers will walk the 100 km; quite a few will jog parts, and 500 or so will run it as a full on ultra-marathon. Ryan thinks he will do a bit of both.

When interviewed about whether he was crackers, Ryan said "Iím currently training with a friend to take part in the London2Brighton challenge. Itís a 100km distance which can be done either by walking, light jog or running. Itís held over the 24th/25th May 2014, we havenít got long but training is going well. "

Pressed further on whether he really was crackers, he explained that "whilst it is going to be tough, it is for a good cause. So, now the money partÖ. I have chosen Cancer Research as my charity. This is because my family has been affected by cancer and it is affecting many more families; hopefully by raising some money it can help people fighting it now and help in finding a cure. I have set up a Just Giving page, if you are able to donate I would be very grateful."

We certainly all wish you good luck.

Ryan's Just Giving page, for those wishing to show their support for this excellent cause, can be found at

You can read more about the London2Brighton Challenge at their website London2Brighton Challenge

The London to Brighton Challenge