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2016 Burstner Ixeo Motorhome Exterior Image

Burstner Re-launch Best Selling Ixeo Range

New generation Ixeo features first longitudinal central drop-down bed

September 2015

When launched, the Ixeo set new standards in that it was the first low-profile motorhome to feature a fold-down bed.

The next generation of the bestseller, launched in the UK this autumn at the NEC show, has followed its act with a lengthwise fold-down bed instead of a transverse one.

The new Ixeo retains the defining shape and function, keeping the characteristic silhouette while maximising space and economising on footprint. Boasting many special features already included as standard, the new Ixeo meets all the requirements for a successful holiday.

Designed to fit flush in the roof, the Ixeo's drop-down bed is designed to perfection and you can still use the overhead lockers when the bed is up or down.

A three-second lowering drops the bed to the higher of its two settings, allowing a bed to be used underneath. Fully deployed, the bed reaches lounge seat height, so access really is easy. There's also sizable lounge, a generous and well-appointed kitchen.

This is what Practical Motorhome have to say:

Practical Motorhome's star 'van - Burstner Ixeo it 680 G

"Trust us: this is one 'van worth queueing up to see at the October NEC show. A longitudinal drop-down lounge bed isn't unique in the motorhome market (Bailey's Approach Autograph 765 and Approach Advance 665 both have one), but Burstner's execution of it really ups the ante."

For more information, or to come and view the new Burstner Ixeo, please Contact Us.


2016 Burstner Ixeo Longitudinal Dropdown bed


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