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2018 Season Camper Vans

Quality Van Conversion motorhomes for sale at Southdowns Motorhome Centre.

Van Conversion motorhomes, or Camper Vans have seen a resurgence in popularity during the last few years. Built within the body of a standard van they offer compact but versatile camping solutions.

Southdowns are pleased to offer five model ranges of camper vans from four different manufacturers, Knaus, Burstner, Carthago and Carado. All our vans are built on the Fiat Ducato van at lengths from 5.5m, 6.0m and 6.5m.

Later this year we will also be offering a new, slightly longer camper van of 6.8m based on the VW Crafter.

2018 Knaus Camper Vans

Compact, manoeuvrable and extremely flexible; The Knaus Boxstar & Boxlife

2018 Knaus Camper Vans Models and Layouts

Compact, manoeuvrable and extremely flexible: That’s a KNAUS camper van! From the small BOXLIFE 540 to the BOXSTAR 630, you will find countless models with even more layouts and a plethora of options that will turn your holiday into a very special adventure. What is absolutely great about our camper vans: Due to their well‐designed layouts with spacious loading volume and their easy handling, they are perfectly suited for everyday use. That is freedom that inspires!

2018 Burstner Camper Vans

A true everyday hero; The Burstner City Car

2018 Burstner Camper Vans Models and Layouts

Being compact and homey at the same time is what sets the City Car apart. Your mobile home and leisure vehicle.

2018 Malibu Camper Vans

Freedom without limits; The Carthago Malibu

2018 Malibu Camper Vans Models and Layouts

Curiosity, relaxation, adventure, far away, exhalation, withdrawal, joy of life, style, discovery – The Malibu Van offers the perfect space for all of this. Space to organise your valuable leisure time as you desire. Space that offers the desired comfort and highest functionality. Space to regenerate. Discover the world of Malibu and find out about the possibilities that we are offering to you.

2018 Carado Camper Vans

Go with the flow, The Carado VLOW

2018 Cardo Camper Vans</div> Models and Layouts

The new Camper Van made by Carado, is the VLOW, pronounced FLOW. It is compact, flexible and appealingly down-to-earth. For the one a car, which can be used as a motorhome. For the other a motorhome, which can be used in everyday life. No matter what reason you need the Vlow: the main thing is, you have it.

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