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The New Bailey Approach Autograph Motorhome

The New Bailey Approach Autograph Motorhome

18 July 2013

Bailey Launch new Approach Autograph Motorhome Model Range

The Height of Refinement

Click here for more details of the new Bailey Approach Autograph model range

After just two years since they started making motorhomes, Bailey of Bristol, have raised the bar again with the launch of the new range, the Bailey Approach Autograph. They are tipped to take the industry by storm by launching the first drop-down bed motorhome built by a British manufacturer.

The new motorhome, launched today, is part of a new line-up called the Bailey Approach Autograph.

The new vehicle is slightly different in look to the existing Approach SE model range due to their graphite Peugeot cabs rather than the silver cab of the Approach SE. The Peugeot cabs have 2.2-litre 130bhp diesel engines and a manual six-speed gearbox as standard. Drivers and passengers benefit from cab air conditioning, adjustable swivel seats with twin arm rests, dual airbags and cruise control all as standard.

These chassis is a lower and lighter Al-Ko chassis, while a re-style of Bailey's Polar White Alu-Tech bodyshell features a revised low-line overcab and a re-designed rear with new lower moulding. New graphics finish of the new look.

Bailey well know approach of undertaking simulated crash tests last year led them to introduce strengthening modifications to the floor and furniture in the habitation area to improve the safety of rear seat passengers. These safety modifications have been carried through into this new range of coachbuilt motorhomes.

Initially there are five low-profile models in the Autograph range:


Bailey Approach Autograph 740 DinetteBailey Approach Autograph 740 StitchingBailey Approach Autograph 740 Kitchen

Click here for more details of the new Bailey Approach Autograph model range