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14th November 2011

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Bailey Motorhomes Extensive Crash Testing Programme

New Approach SE Prototype Undergoes Crash Test Simulations At Millbrook Proving Ground


Bailey Motorhome proto-type undergoes crash test simulations Safety considerations are of paramount importance in any new motorhome design and Bailey has given a great deal of thought to this aspect of product development.

As a result key features, such as an ABS braking system plus driver and passenger airbags are specified as standard in the cab and four three-point seatbelts are fitted for the rear passengers in the six berth model. Bailey has looked to take this thought process to the next stage by investigating the strength of the caravan bodyshell and furniture in a simulated crash test.

This was done using the facilities at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field for a wide variety of different types of vehicle. Following their recommendation Bailey committed to a series of three 30 mph or 50 kmph frontal impact tests on a cell containing the dedicated rear passenger seating area. For authenticity this was mounted on a dummy cab and chassis to best represent what would happen in this type of impact.

Throughout the testing the Alu-Tech bodyshell stood up well to the examination and required very little in the way of modification. However, following the results of the initial trails, Bailey did make changes to the design of both the caravan floor and furniture, as well as re-locating under locker lighting, to enhance passenger protection. In addition the company has also taken the decision to include a dedicated stowage location for side mounted tables whilst in transit as this proved to be a significant hazard if left in situ in the event of an impact.

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Bailey Motorhomes Cold Chamber Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02Bailey Motorhomes Cold Chamber Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 03