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1st June 2015

Concorde Himmelfahrtstreffen Event 2015

Customers from all over Europe meet at the Concorde factory every two years for the Himmelfahrtstreffen customer event

Concorde Himmelfahrtstreffen Event 2015

A dozen motorhomes make the bi-annual trip from England to the German factory

June saw a wonderful event in the Concorde calendar, the bi-annual 'Himmelfahrtstreffen' customer event at the factory in Franconia.

This year a dozen British motorhomes made the trip across the channel to enjoy the festivities. The three day event is held during the Ascension Day weekend, a popular German holiday. Over two hundred and fifty motorhomes from all over Europe converged on the factory, including customers from as far a field as Norway, Spain and the North of England.

Concorde put on a variety of events over the three days including a carriage ride through the local Steigerwald forest, a days cycling through the Franconia countryside, a trip to the local town of Schlusselfeld, their local dancing champions, and a fabulous firework display on Saturday evening.

One of the most popular events, particular amongst the British visitors, was a beer tasting trip to the local medieval town of Bamberg. Bamberg sees itself as a rival to Munich as the home of brewing and has a large number of traditional breweries including one that produces a very unusual smoked beer. We were treated to a variety of brews of various strengths and flavours, along with a very informative talk on the finer points of the brewers art.

One other highlight was an interesting opportunity to drive a Concorde fitted with the new recently introduced Iveco Hi-Matic 7-speed fully automatic gearbox.

Many thanks to all those that attended the event, we had a nice mixed group and everyone seemed to enjoy getting together and sharing tips on using their Concorde. Southdowns have not hosted many customer events in the past, but now we've got of the mark, we do now look forward to hosting more events in the years to come.

More photos of the fun can be seen on Concorde's facebook page or visit the blog of English travellers, Peter & Nia.

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Pictures From Concorde Customer Event 2015



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