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The 2013 Laika Rexosline European Motorhome Tour

The 2013 Laika Rexosline European Motorhome Tour

18th November 2013

Laika Rexosline 9009 Pan-European Motorhome Tour

The ambitious tour through freezing weather in Laika's cold busting flagship motorhome

Laika Rexosline 9009 European Tour 2013

Laika has been busy organising the Rexosline European Tour 2013, an ambitious journey that is scheduled to reach the cold lands of Norway, through four very cold countires during the months of January, February and March on board the luxurious Rexosline 9009.

A journey of over 6000 km to discover the most beautiful cities in Europe through Austria, Germany, Sweden and Norway, an itinerary that allow to experience the atmosphere of the place, to discover landscapes and at the same time, to test the concepts of functionality, ergonomics and space, fine materials combined with the technical solutions of Rexosline 9009.

The Rexosline 9009 is a super-stylish A-class that provides evidence of the values of the Laika brand and it is the answer to those who are looking for a sophisticated and elegant environment characterized by italian design and innovative solutions in order to enjoy, during a trip, the Dolce Vita.

The Rexosline 9009 was chosen for the standard characteristics that it presents, which make it suitable for use in regions that have cold climates.

Laika utilises Styrofoam as an insulating material for walls, roofing, and flooring for all its vehicles. This particular material is also used in the civil building trade because of its high insulating power. With Laika A-class vehicles, it is possible to journey without problems at very low temperatures, also thanks to the Laika Thermo Cab System, which is realised by means of a system of heating vents in the cabin and an insulating and sound-proof panel that separates the driving cabin from the motor compartment. Another very important element for completely isolating the driving cabin area is the Laika Iso-Rollup electric insulated windshield blind (optional) which is added to the standard insulated windshield blind, thus creating an air space between the two protection systems, with a cushion of warm air that increases the thermal protection. The entire system is completely in an anti-freeze position in both the Alde and Truma heating system.

The journey started officially from Stuttgart, in Germany, in order to reach Sweden in February and Norway at the beginning of March.

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