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The Made in Italy Rocks Tour Scedule

The Made in Italy Rocks Tour Has a Dates in England

1st June 2013

Italian Fashion Designers Hit The Road in a Laika

D’Inzillo Tour Europe Looking New Markets in Rexosline 9009 Motorhome

Handmade in Italy Rocks

Two Italian fashion designers looking to expand into new overseas markets have chose to hit the road with their designs and what better to do it in than another Italian design classic, a Laika Rexosline 9009.

The pair, Cosima and Stefano, who deign under the brand name D’Inzillo, have decided to rent their apartments in Rome, buy a Rexosline 9009 and radically change their life!

That's how the “Handmade in Italy Rocks” Tour was born.

Like most small companies, D'Inzillo were facing increasing costs in the face of today's difficult economic climate. Add to this the stress and cost prolonged stays abroad where products have a better chance of finding distribution and you see that their novel solution to the challenges of life makes great sense.

The Laika Rexosline 9009 is a perfect match for D’inzillo products: it represents a “Made in Italy” excellence as it is a new generation of product made in a joint effort with the best engineers and designers from the University of Florence; it’s a state of the art prototype in terms both of engineering and design.

To go and live in a motorhome send out a strong and revolutionary message. “The market is difficult and the economy is bad? It’s not enough to wait for buyers to knock at our doors to buy our product? So let’s go get the market and let’s put ourselves on the line! We believe that, at this point in time, having the best collection in the world, a Made in Italy product, is not enough: what is deeply needed is a story, a soul; and fashion has to regain a human, personal dimension alongside a strong and creative product.

“With our new Motorhome we will go on a real tour - the ’Handmade in Italy Rocks Tour”, "To tell our story and to bring Italian craftsmanship around the world,” said Cosima and Stefano.

The Made in Italy Rocks Tour has some dates in England in Autumn 2013. Click here for the D'Inzillo website

Click here for the Laika Section


Cosima and Stefano D’Inzillo Italian Fashion Designers in Their Laika Rexosline Motorhome