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Eden Project Tab Caravan

8th October 2009

T@B makes an exhibition of itself in Cornwall

If you spent your holiday in the South West this year, you might have spotted a T@B micro caravan sporting a funky paint job and advertising one of Cornwallís most successful tourist attractions - the Eden Project.

Following the trend for using small, chic vehicles as mobile billboards - the Smart and the new Fiat 500 spring to mind - the Eden project approached Southdowns earlier this year to supply them with a T@B caravan that they could use to promote the popular global garden. We are delighted to sponsor this environmental project, based near St Austell, which now attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Especially as the Eden T@B also features the Southdowns logo and web address.

These fun and affordable little vehicles come in a variety of cool colours and can be towed behind even the lightest of cars. And donít forget - itís not a caravan, itís a T@B...